Agilent Technologies announces integrated simulation solution

Venice, Florida &#8212 Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced an integrated design flow solution that includes full 3D EM (electromagnetic) simulation for RF Module Design. Called EMDS-for-ADS, the full 3D electromagnetic simulator is integrated into Agilent's Advanced Design System EDA software platform and eliminates the need for standalone EM tools.

EMDS-for-ADS helps designers accurately predict the 3D EM interactions of embedded passive components in RF modules while co-simulating with active circuits to maximize the wireless sub-system performance. The integrated 3D EM simulator improvements allow designers to analyze larger circuits faster without leaving their familiar design flow.

EMDS-for-ADS accounts for the finite dielectric boundaries of RF modules. In addition, it is useful for verifying the accuracy of faster Planar EM simulators such as Agilent's Momentum, which assumes infinite dielectric planar layers in its analysis. EMDS-for-ADS also features a new finite element mesher and high-capacity iterative solver that delivers better accuracy, speed and capacity for RF SIP (system-in-package) and RF module designs.

The most common applications for EMDS-for-ADS are RF modules based on LTCC (low temperature co-fired ceramics) and laminates with embedded passive structures. They are found in almost all RF modules produced today. EMDS-for-ADS saves time when drawing these structures with its planar RF layout macros. These macros automatically draw RF components such as spiral inductors and meander lines – which are time-consuming to construct using a generic 3D drawing and simulation tool.

EMDS-for-ADS is part of the new Agilent Advanced Design System 2008 Update 2. Advanced Design System is a powerful electronic design automation platform, offering complete integration to designers of consumer and commercial wireless electronic products such as mobile phones, wireless networking and GPS, as well as radar and satellite communications systems, and high-speed digital serial links.

EMDS-for-ADS and ADS 2008 Update 2 is available now, with prices starting at approximately $18,000. It is also available in time-based bundles with ADS, starting at approximately $20,000 per year.

More information about ADS 2008 Update 2 is available here.

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