AKM Releases Low Power Stereo Audio CODEC with High Power 1.2 W Speaker Amplifier

Wokingham, UK : Asahi Kasei Microsystems introduces the AK4643 a new product in its Audio2go™ family. The single-chip 16-bit stereo A/D and D/A converter features a high-quality microphone equalizer and built-in microphone/headphone/speaker amplifier. The AK4643 succeeds the AK4642 CODEC, already widely used in HDD and flash memory based portable personal media players, cell phones with music players and smart phones. The integrated power amplifier delivers up to 1.2 W, so contributing to the miniaturisation of the speaker output circuit. On the receiver side, connectivity for three inputs is provided making it easy to interface to internal/ external microphones and line inputs. Improved auto level control circuit provides slow response times for input and output paths allowing natural recording and playback for voice through to HiFi music.

The IC incorporates AKM’s advanced recording and playback circuits with ALC, a microphone amplifier with differential input, a digital attenuator for adjusting sound volume, a power-supply management function permitting ON and OFF control of circuits block by block, and flexible digital audio and control interfacing o cater for easy connectivity to microprocessors and DSPs. The AK4643 software is compatible with the AK4642 software for easy ongoing product development. Audio sampling ranges from 7.35 Hz to 48 kHz, the operating voltage of the CODEC section ranges from 2.6 to 3.6 V and the operating voltage of the amplifier section ranges from 2.6 to 5.25 V.

AKM Asahi Kasei Microsystems , Wokingham, UK.

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