AlchemyAPI Releases German Sentiment Analysis

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DENVER, Sept. 6, 2012

DENVER , Sept. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — AlchemyAPI ( ) is excited to announce the release of German sentiment analysis, adding to the company's already-supported languages for identifying positive / negative opinions within any document or web page.

“Our German sentiment analysis engine provides advanced functionalities such as amplifier, diminisher, and negation support,” said Elliot Turner , CEO of AlchemyAPI.  “We're the first commercially-available German sentiment engine to support document-level processing as well as entity/keyword/user-targeted analysis.”

Full support for performing document-level, entity-level, keyword-level, and user-targeted sentiment analysis is included within this release. With these features, AlchemyAPI exposes the overall tone of the document, and also the specific people, places, and things that opinions are directed towards.

German sentiment analysis is available effective immediately to all existing AlchemyAPI users.  New users may sign up for 1,000 free daily API calls at

About AlchemyAPI:
AlchemyAPI is a cloud-based text mining platform that provides semantic tagging to over 24,000 developers in 6 continents, processing 3+ billion API calls per month. AlchemyAPI provides the most comprehensive set of natural language processing capabilities of any text mining platform, including: named entity extraction, sentiment analysis, concept tagging, author extraction, relations extraction, web page cleaning, language detection, keyword extraction, quotations extraction, intent mining, and topic categorization.

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