All-silicon oscillator replaces crystal-based devices

Dallas, Tex. — Featuring a &plusmn0.3% frequency tolerance, the new fixed-frequency, all-silicon EconOscillator from Dallas Semiconductor offers factory-trimmed output frequencies from 312 kHz to 133 MHz.

The competitively-priced DS1088L is a single-output square-wave generator that is designed to replace crystal-based oscillators in applications where size, power, startup reliability, and
shock/vibration tolerance are critical, said the company. The new silicon oscillator is packaged in an 8-pin microMAX, which is 75% smaller than a typical surface-mount 133 MHz crystal oscillator (XO). In addition, the supply current for a given load at 133 MHz is 45% less than a
typical XO, and oscillation startup time is almost three orders of magnitude faster than a typical XO, said the company.

The DS1088L device's initial tolerance is &plusmn0.3% at 3.3 V and 25&degC. Accuracy over
the full operating range of -20&degC to 85&degC at 2.7 V to 3.6 V is &plusmn1.0%.

Price starts at $0.45 each in quantities of 10,000 or higher (FOB USA).

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