All Traffic Solutions Launches First Web-Based Traffic Signs

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. , June 22 /PRNewswire/ — From the floor of the Police Security Expo — All Traffic Solutions, the leader in providing solutions to improve traffic safety outcomes, today unveiled the next-generation of traffic safety signs – web-based “smart signs” that provide law enforcement departments with the tools to capture and report on key traffic data.  Attendees of the Policy Security Expo, an annual event showcasing the latest products and technology for use by law enforcement professionals, are the first to preview this exciting new technology.

With All Traffic Solution's web-based traffic signs, police officers, working from a computer, can easily and efficiently handle these routine tasks:  monitor the traffic sign hardware (battery power, on/off times), update message sign content (vital in emergency situations), mange images captured by associated cameras, determine sign location through interactive mapping, receive email or text alerts, and generate reports.  These remote capabilities bring significant efficiencies since resources do not have to be deployed to the field to manage individual signs.

Scott Johnson , Vice President of All Traffic Solutions explains, “The web-based technology enables law enforcement professionals to better understand where the problem areas are and to make staffing decisions based on this information.”  The web services offered by All Traffic Solutions are so elegant and intuitive; police departments don't need to involve their IT staff.

All Traffic Solutions has always been an innovator – the company was the first to bring variable mounting options, a folding message sign and an extremely lightweight and portable speed display to the marketplace.  Later, All Traffic Solutions was the first to enable signs with Bluetooth capabilities, remote access, and cross-product communication.

About All Traffic Solutions

Located in State College, Pa. , All Traffic Solutions is the traffic safety division of Intuitive Control Systems, LLC. We design, manufacture and sell a full line of traffic-calming signs that are engineered to help our customers enhance safety, performance and productivity on their roads, campuses and facilities. Our focus is on speed display and variable message signs that communicate directly to the public while also collecting traffic information for use by the organizations responsible for public safety. This traffic safety information can be accessed and managed online using our web-based services. For those who prefer to gather data at the sign, they can also be accessed the traditional way. Ultimately, our traffic safety signs offer incredible flexibility: they can be mounted in virtually any configuration, using whatever power source is most convenient, and can even communicate with each other through our unique speed-dependent messaging technology. For more information, please visit

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