Allegro CTMS@Site™ Spring 2011 Version Released

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MADISON, Wis., May 10, 2011

MADISON, Wis. , May 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Five months after unveiling the new Allegro™, cloud-based clinical research management platform, Forte Research Systems, Inc. has released the Spring 2011 version of Allegro CTMS@Site™, the clinical trials management system designed exclusively for investigator sites.



There is an ever-increasing level of administrative overhead and regulatory exposure for today's investigator sites. In part, this is due to sites taking on more trials at a time when trials are becoming increasingly complex.

“To be competitive and efficient in the current environment, sites need to maintain tighter control over financials, be vigilant with regulatory compliance, achieve status as a preferred partner, streamline operations, and replace paper-based processes,” said Srini Kalluri , Founder, President, CEO & Chief Customer Experience Services Officer at Forte Research Systems.

To help sites achieve these goals, CTMS@Site was designed to address the specific workflow and operational needs of today's investigator sites.

Study Coordinators get more out of their day with several time-saving features. Among them is the highly intuitive calendar building tool, which can be used to define even a complex, 50-visit protocol calendar with 25 procedures in just about half an hour. Based on the protocol calendar, the patient visit calendar is then automatically populated with the planned visit dates upon enrollment.

For Clinical Trials Managers, Allegro CTMS@Site offers more control over the financial viability of their trials. The system comes with a suite of business development tools including a full-featured contact management database, integrated email, and task management tools, all of which help manage and track the contracting process with CROs and sponsors. The six-step, wizard-based budget creation tool is integrated with the protocol calendar as well as the institutional charge master which means that managers can create fast and accurate budgets in just minutes. Managers can determine study feasibility and negotiate more effectively when they have accurate budgets prior to study startup. For active trials, payments are received more quickly because invoices are automatically populated with the patient milestones that have occurred.

Principal Investigators get more time for their clinical practice and to do research with CTMS@Site, in part because they have fewer worries about regulatory and billing compliance due to their staff having the proper tools and safeguards in place. In addition, the system brings timely information on their trials to the investigator with customizable dashboards and automatic email notifications. For example, dashboards make it easy to see actual versus planned recruitment or the number of serious adverse events, at a glance. The system also comes with several standard reports but, if that's not enough, no data is out of reach with the powerful report building tool.

“In keeping with our 11-year tradition of collaborative development, we work extensively with our customers in both the U.S. and India as we shape Allegro's evolution,” said Tony O'Hare, PhD, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Forte Research Systems. “Their domain expertise and ongoing feedback help us prioritize enhancements and deliver a great user experience.”

“For our customers here in India , it is very clear that compliance and time management continue to be top priorities,” said Shamiq Hussain, Director of Operations at Forte Research Systems India, Pvt. Ltd.

Among the approximately 70 enhancements that were included in the Spring 2011 version of CTMS@Site were several enhancements to the protocol calendar building tool. Several new reports were added including the “Revenue Forecasting” report, which projects the expected revenue for a protocol based on current subject enrollment and the most current visit data. To continue to enhance regulatory compliance, additional business rules were added throughout the system to help guide the user and prevent data entry errors.

About the Allegro™ Research on Demand Product Line

Available in the United States and in India , the Allegro product line is built for clinical research operations excellence with no software to install and no systems administration required. Allegro CTMS@Site™, the clinical trials management system designed exclusively for investigator sites, offers real-time visibility into the entire clinical research portfolio. Its intuitive, user-centric interface is easy to use and virtually eliminates the need for training. With Allegro CTMS@Site, sites can get up and running in a single day.

For information about Allegro™ CTMS@Site™, contact Forte Research Systems in the United States at +1 (608) 826-6002 or in India at 91 9663992080. Or, visit the company online at

About Forte Research Systems

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin , Forte Research Systems, Inc. develops clinical and translational research management software. The company's flagship product, the OnCore® system, is the nation's most widely adopted enterprise-class clinical research platform among academic research organizations and cancer centers. The company's newest offering, the cloud-based Allegro™ product line is built for clinical research operations excellence with no software to install and no systems administration required.

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