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“Also of Interest” and “Elementals” for August 8, 2011

Each week, the editor of Planet Analog finds items of interest and then features them in two sections, entitled “Also of Interest” and “Elementals”. Each cites items from publications outside the Planet Analog and EETimes portfolios. And we also have an archive of recent weekly Planet Analog Newsletters, as pdf files; see the list at the very bottom.

“Also of Interest” and “Elementals” is an extension of our belief that engineers are interested in on-going tutorial on obviously relevant topics, as well as the serendipity of exploring topics which are not directly related to their jobs, but which will broaden their knowledge and sometimes spurs innovative and creative approaches. The first box highlights items of general interest to the engineer, while the second highlights basic and tutorial electronic-engineering material. Among the publications we check are IEEE Spectrum , Machine Design , Design News , Laser Focus World , EDN , Electronic Design , NASA Tech Briefs , Microwave Journal , RF & Microwaves , and Physics Today , plus others.

Consider these items as online extras, and worth a look. (Please note: there are also links to the previous weeks' editions, in the “Navigate” box to the right.)

Also of Interest:

  • For many businesses, the most economical way of saving energy is to make use of the heat that industrial processes generate:
    “Waste heat: Best green power source?,”
    Machine Design , May 5, 2011
  • A computer control mouse device includes a sphygmomanometer and software package to take recordings and store them as digital data:
    “Blood Pressure Monitoring Tool,”
    Medical Design Briefs , May 2011
  • Environmental Awareness of Sensor and Emitter Employment (EASEE) is a software framework that provides a single environment for analyzing sensor performance involving many different signal modalities:
    “Environmental Awareness of Sensor and Emitter Employment,”
    NASA Tech Briefs , June 2011
  • Techniques for measuring simple ultrashort laser pulses are often unable to temporally characterize extremely complex pulses but recent research has yielded methods capable of measuring such pulses and, unlike the pulses they measure, the techniques are surprisingly simple:
    “Optical complexity challenges pulse-measurement methods,”
    Laser Focus World , May 2011


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