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“Also of Interest” and “Elementals” for June 30, 2008

Almost every week, the Planet Analog section of the print version of EETimes features two small text boxes, entitled “Also of Interest” and “Elementals”, in addition to feature articles, an editor's column, and new products. These boxes cite items from publications outside the Planet Analog and EETimes portfolio. The first box highlights a few items of general interest to the engineer, while the second highlights some basic and tutorial electronic-engineering material.

In this week's print edition (June 30, 2008) you'll see some of the items below (note: there are also links to most-recent previous weeks' editions, at the bottom).

And please note : my overhang queues are so long that I am posting extra items which did not appear in print. I intend to do so each week, until the queue is back to a reasonable size. Consider them as a free, online-only bonus, and enjoy!

Also of Interest:


Previous Editions:

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