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Also of Interest” and “Elementals” for May 11, 2009; plus recent “Planet Analog” Newsletters

Each week, the editor of Planet Analog finds items of interest and then features them in two sections, entitled “Also of Interest” and “Elementals”. Each cites items from publications outside the Planet Analog and EETimes portfolios. And we also have an archive of recent weekly Planet Analog Newsletters, as pdf files; see the list at the very bottom.

“Also of Interest” and “Elementals” is an extension of our belief that engineers are interested in on-going tutorial on obviously relevant topics, as well as the serendipity of exploring topics which are not directly related to their jobs, but which will broaden their knowledge and sometimes spurs innovative and creative approaches. The first box highlights a items of general interest to the engineer, while the second highlights basic and tutorial electronic-engineering material.

Among the publications we check are IEEE Spectrum , Machine Design , Design News , Laser Focus World , EDN , Electronic Design , NASA Tech Briefs , Portable Design , and Physics Today , plus others.

Special note : due to our extremely long queue of items for the “Also of Interest” and “Elementals” sections, we've increased the number we're showing, at least for the next few weeks until the queue gets down to a more reasonable size. The price, of course, remains unchanged! 😉

Consider these items as “online-only” extras, and worth a look. (Please note: there are also links to the previous weeks' editions, below this week's items.)

Also of Interest:


  • Glass offers great potential as an alternative to traditional high-frequency substrate materials, allowing the design of high-performance circuits using standard integrated-circuit processe:
    “Form Bandpass Filters On Glass Substrates,”
    Microwaves & RF , February 2009
  • Advancements in Vector Network Analysis (VNA) hardware and software algorithms have enabled a new class of instrumentation for analysis of active components:
    “Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer Applications,”
    Microwave Journal , March 2009
  • If your testing results don't closely approximate the silicon vendor's specification claims, question your assumptions before concluding that your supplier is inflating the numbers.:
    “Whatever happened to my dynamic range?,”
    EDN , March 19, 2009
  • The bandwidths and frequency-hopping behavior of ultrawideband devices impose stringent test challenges:
    “Testing WiMedia UWB,”
    Test & Measurement World , February 2009
  • This study was a major part of an effort to develop a circuit-reconfiguration system that could utilize any of the four methods to implement fault tolerance in the FPGA:
    “Evaluation of Four Methods of Reconfiguring an FPGA,”
    Defense Tech Briefs , April 2009

Previous “Also of Interest” and “Elementals” Editions:

Recent Planet Analog Newsletters:

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