Altair Unveils PBS Analytics 12 at Supercomputing 2012 – Delivering Faster, More Insightful Data Analysis and Visualization of HPC Workloads

Rebuilt from the ground up, the new PBS Analytics scales to support millions of job records

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SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 14, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY , Nov. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Supercomputing 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah , Altair (booth #3015) today introduced PBS Analytics 12.0 , a significantly advanced version of its popular data analysis and visualization tool for high-performance computing.  PBS Analytics furnishes a deeper, more accurate understanding of an organization's HPC infrastructure for cost allocation, capacity planning, and improving your overall ROI.

PBS Analytics 12.0, to be released soon, has been rebuilt from the ground up to meet a rapidly growing demand for increasingly comprehensive analysis of HPC usage with sophisticated charts and dashboards – tracking jobs and resources, implementing chargeback and showback accounting, performing root-cause analyses and even visualizing power use. With its new features, huge volumes of data can be analyzed quickly and easily.

“Our latest PBS Analytics software is brand new, both inside and out,” said Bill Nitzberg , chief technology officer for PBS Works at Altair.  “We've incorporated a new, high-performance database, re-engineered our data collectors to be more robust and completely redesigned the user experience. PBS Analytics 12.0 provides the charts users need out-of-the-box, delivers snappy performance, and scales up to support millions of job records.”

Administrators can immediately be productive with PBS Analytics 12.0 by taking advantage of the built-in charts, including new productivity charts and new efficiency charts.  There is no steep learning curve.  A new utilization chart shows the percentage of utilization adjusted for configuration of the system, accounting for the addition or deletion of nodes over time. This capability can improve overall IT efficiency and justify IT investments by illuminating actual usage. It also enables discovery of usage hot spots, pinpointing where adding additional resources will have the greatest impact and usage “deserts,” where resources can be replaced.

In addition to the out-of-the-box charts, PBS Analytics 12.0 is more customizable than ever.  A new chart designer makes creating custom charts quick and simple.  PBS Analytics 12.0 adds support for site-defined PBS Professional resources, such as GPUs, licenses, and scratch space.  Finally, administrators can define totally customized metrics, adding their own unique, enterprise-specific measures directly into the data stream.

Using PBS Analytics 12.0 requires only a browser-based user interface, a set of Web services and one or more data importers to introduce data into the PBS Analytics database.

For a full list of live demos being presented by PBS Works at SC12, please visit PBS Works.

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PBS Works™, Altair's suite of on-demand cloud computing technologies, allows enterprises to maximize ROI on existing infrastructure assets. PBS Works is the most widely implemented software environment for managing grid, cloud, and cluster computing resources worldwide. Its flagship product, PBS Professional®, allows enterprises to easily share distributed computing resources across geographic boundaries. With additional tools for portal-based submission, analytics, and data management, the PBS Works suite is a comprehensive solution for optimizing HPC environments. Leveraging a revolutionary “pay-for-use” unit-based business model, PBS Works delivers increased value and flexibility over conventional software-licensing models. Visit to learn more about how PBS Works makes high-performance computing faster, smarter and more productive.

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