AM/FM antenna amplifier IC compensates for signal losses

Heilbronn, Germany — Atmel released a highly integrated AM/FM antenna amplifier IC ATR4251, which enables AM/FM car-radio reception when used with designer antennas, including windshield, roof or bumper antennas. The ATR4251's impedance-matching amplifier helps to compensate for signal losses resulting from the smaller dimensions of modern antennas and the longer cables to the car radio.

The ATR4251 IC enables crystal-clear reception without distortion, even under the difficult and rapidly fluctuating field-strength conditions typically found in moving antenna systems, due to its highly dynamic AM and FM range. This high-reception quality is due to the balance of an AM gain value of up to 35 dB, a large-signal behavior both in AM and FM mode (IP3 148 dB µV in FM), and a good noise behavior in antenna applications.

A separate low-noise amplifier (LNA) for FM and a buffer amplifier for AM are used to address the different operating frequencies and requirements of both AM and FM. The AM amplifier covers the entire broadcasting-frequency range from 150 kHz up to 30 MHz which includes modern DRM systems. The FM LNA handles the frequency range from 70 MHz to 166 MHz, which includes weather band and HD radio in the US.

The automatic AM and FM gain control (AGC) enables independent AM and FM adjustment to prevent overdriving of amplifiers under large-signal conditions. In addition, the use of two separate AGC circuits stops strong AM signals from blocking FM stations, and vice versa.

Availability: Now
Pricing: Begins at $0.60 each in 100,000-piece quantities
Data Sheet: ATR4251 AM/FM antenna amplifier

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