AM/FM radio receivers offer short-, long-wave band coverage

Austin, Texas—Silicon Laboratories Inc. expanded its broadcast audio product line to include what it is touting as the industry's first fully-integrated AM/FM radio receivers with short-wave (SW) and long-wave (LW) band coverage.

The Si4734/35 integrate the entire receiver from antenna input to audio output, reducing size and system component count by more than 90 percent compared to existing implementations, according to the company.

In a 3- x 3-mm package, the Si4734/35 not only simplifies the design of existing SW and LW radios but also enables the addition of SW/LW capability to consumer electronics devices such as handsets and MP3 players, broadening the reach of SW and LW broadcast content used by consumers worldwide.

The Si4734/35 use a patented digital low-IF architecture with an on-chip DSP that enables a variety of features and significant performance enhancements not possible using traditional analog architecture-based products. The receivers offer fully automated digital tuning in all supported bands, including 1 kHz step sizes, and selectable channel bandwidth filters for optimal audio quality. In addition, the Si4734/35 family does not require factory-aligned components, further improving reliability and reducing manufacturing cost compared to existing receivers which can require up to three stages of manual tuning.

Pricing: Begins at $3.27 in quantities of 10K. An evaluation board is available for $150.
Availability: Samples are available now in a compact 3×3 mm 20-pin quad flat no-lead (QFN) package.

Product brief: click here.

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