AMD unveils multimedia products for media-rich mobile devices

Sunnyvale, Calif. — AMD has announced at the Mobile World Congress an expanded portfolio of products and technologies to enable media-rich applications such as mobile TV, 3D games and high-fidelity audio for mobile phones and handheld devices.

AMD's new handheld offerings include the upcoming AMD Imageon processors, as well as next-generation 3D and vector graphics cores that are available for licensing.

The latest Imageon processors include the following:

  • The AMD Imageon D160 mobile TV solution is a complete hardware and software package that will enable OEMs to design cutting-edge mobile devices that receive over-the-air broadcast TV signals transmitted in the DVB-T and DVB-H standards, currently used in various markets worldwide. This turnkey, antenna-to-display solution also will enable mobile TV functionality to be designed in a USB-powered device for watching live television on notebook PCs, PDAs, portable media players and other USB-enabled handheld devices.
  • The AMD Imageon M210 audio processor is designed to enable a high-definition, fully integrated audio subsystem capable of delivering more than 100 hours of music playback in airplane mode. This audio processor will be suitable for both multi-function, mainstream mobile phones and portable music players.
  • The AMD Imageon A250 application processor for feature phones will combine the best of AMD's latest multimedia technology for video recording and playback, photo imaging, and high-resolution displays, offering high performance while maintaining long system battery life. This new application processor is designed to help phone manufacturers reduce the time and cost associated with system integration.

AMD is also offering several graphics cores that target PCs to game consoles such
as the Microsoft Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system. The AMD Z180 OpenVG 1.x graphics core is said to offer the only available hardware-accelerated native vector graphics solution, aimed at advanced user interfaces, navigational systems and portable devices optimized for animation and Flash-style content.

The AMD Z460 OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics core will deliver fully programmable shader models for realistic 3D graphics, which is designed to revolutionize the mobile gaming experience for portable devices, said AMD.

Availability: AMD handheld technologies will be available for OEMs and silicon supplier licensees to sample beginning in February 2008.

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