Amp improves headphone experience

SUNNYVALE, CA—Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX9724, a 60mW DirectDrive stereo headphone amplifier optimized for high RF noise rejection. This device delivers audiophile audio quality with 0.02% THD+N, while eliminating the need for large and costly DC-blocking capacitors on the outputs.

The MAX9724 is designed to provide high RF immunity to ensure that signals at radio frequencies are not demodulated into the audio bandwidth.

Housed in a 3mm x 3mm TQFN package, the MAX9724 produces a ground-referenced output from a single supply, eliminating the need for DC-blocking capacitors. The MAX9724 delivers up to 60mW per channel into a 32 Ohm load, while
offering 80dB of power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) and a 101-dB signal to noise ratio (SNR). The device operates from a single +2.7 to +5.5VDC supply, features short-circuit and thermal-overload protection, and is specified to operate over the extended -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius temperature range. Adjustable gain (MAX9724A) and fixed-gain (MAX9724B) versions are available in 3mm x 3mm, 12-pin TQFN packages and 5mm x 4.4mm, 14-pin TSSOP packages, respectively.

The MAX9724 pricing starts at $0.70 (qty 1,000-up). Click here for the data sheet.

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