Amplifiers provide bandwidth from 500-MHz to 1.5-GHz

Loveland, Colo.—CADEKA has introduced seven current feedback (CFB) and voltage feedback (VFB) high-speed amplifiers that the company says break the price-performance curve.

These amplifiers offer large signal 0.1dB gain flatness (>100MHz with VOUT=2Vpp), which improves signal stability and increases signal fidelity in high-definition, professional, and broadcast video applications. In addition, all seven amplifiers offer over 100mA output current.

The COMLINEAR CLC1605 (single) and CLC3605 (triple) offer 1.5GHz bandwidth and 120MHz large signal 0.1dB bandwidth, well above high definition video requirements. The CLC3605 offers a disable feature to save power and allow for multiplexing applications. For applications that require extreme gain flatness, the CLC1606 (single) offers 150MHz ±0.1dB bandwidth at VOUT=2Vpp. The CLC1606 also features 3,300V/µs slew rate and fast rise/fall times (0.5ns) for high performance in pulse amplifying and instrumentation applications.

The COMLINEAR CLC1004/CLC1014 and CLC3004 (triple) offer bandwidth and slew rate performance usually found in CFB amplifiers. These voltage feedback amplifiers provide 1,400V/µs slew rate and 750-MHz bandwidth. Like CADEKA's new CFB amplifiers, this family also offers high gain flatness (120MHz ±0.1dB bandwidth at VOUT=2Vpp). For power-sensitive applications, the CLC1006 consumes 5.5mA supply current yet is still able to provide 500-MHz of bandwidth.

Pricing: For 1,000-piece orders, CLC1004/CLC1014, $0.40; CLC1006, $0.38; CLC1605/CLC1606, $0.63; CLC3004, $1.35; CLC3605, $1.77.
Availability: All products are available in Pb-free, RoHS compliant packages.

Datasheets: CLC1606, CLC1605, CLC3605, CLC1006, CLC1004, CLC1014 and CLC3004.

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