Amplifiers suit power-sensitive systems

Combining low quiescent current and reduced power down current, Texas Instruments THS452x family of differential amplifiers has been designed with high accuracy, battery operated devices in mind.

Capable of driving single and multi-channel successive approximation register (SAR) and delta-sigma converters up to 24 bits, the THS4521, THS4522 and THS4524 suit high resolution/high precision applications, such as pressure and flow meters, seismic equipment and electrocardiogram machines.

Explains Art George, senior vice president of TI's High-Performance Analog business unit: “Previously, customers seeking a buffer for differential precision ADCs could choose between a single-ended amplifier solution requiring complex interface circuits or a higher power fully differential amplifier.”

The THS452x family boasts a quiescent current of 1.14mA/channel and down current of 20uA amongst its features. Other plus points include low input voltage noise of 4.6nV/rtHz, to minimise distortion. TI says that the THS452x, which comes in single, dual and quad configurations, has improved dynamic range and yet provides a 145MHz and 490V/us slew rate to buffer and amplify signals without increasing system power consumption. Hence users should be able to reduce the number of amplifiers they use, saving board space and alleviating amplifier and circuit matching concerns.

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