Anadigics introduces RF line amps for CATV distribution

LONDON — Anadigics Inc. (Warren, New Jersey) has launched a family of 870-MHz hybrid line amplifiers, designed primarily for use in CATV distribution systems.

Anadigics' introduction of its ACA3722, ACA3733, ACA3742, ACA3747, and ACA3753 products marks the first time the company has made its high performance CATV line amplifier technology available to manufacturers in the industry-standard SOT115J hybrid package.

The parts operate from 24-V and offer industry-leading levels of linearity with exceptional return loss, and a high tolerance to ESD (electro static discharge), the company claimed.. The hybrid-packaged devices will enable manufacturers to assimilate Anadigics solutions into existing CATV distribution nodes and line extenders.

— The ACA3722 is a 21.5dB gain, push-pull hybrid line amplifier
— The ACA3742 is a 21.5dB gain, power-doubler hybrid line amplifier
— The ACA3753 is a 28dB gain, power-doubler hybrid line amplifier
— The ACA3733 is a 34dB gain, push-pull hybrid line amplifier
— The ACA3747 is a 25dB gain, power-doubler hybrid line amplifier

“ANADIGICS' 15 years of CATV line amp design experience is rolled into this product offering,” said Doug Johnson, VP of CATV Amplifier Products. “As an example, extra testing and special circuitry has been added to maximize the ESD performance. This is required to achieve the ruggedness needed for the CATV infrastructure applications.”

Ray Aubert, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, ANADIGICS, Inc., reports, “ANADIGICS introduced the first commercially available integrated circuit cable TV line amplifiers, and our technology expertise in this product sector is unmatched. These new hybrid products enable us to address growing markets in Asia and eastern Europe, by harnessing ANADIGICS' RF technology and design capability to provide customers with a competitively priced, drop-in replacement that out-performs other hybrid line amps.”

The ACA3722 and ACA3742 products will be the first available for sampling in the second quarter of 2009, followed shortly by the ACA3753. The ACA3733 and ACA3747 products will be available in the third quarter of 2009.

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