Analog chip extends copper cable reach in active cable apps

Santa Clara, Calif. — Quellan Inc. has expanded its Lane Extender IC portfolio to enable the industry's first Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP) active cable. The QLx4000 series Lane Extenders combine a 4-channel equalizer with integrated higher layer functionality that ensures full compliance with the QSFP specification. The chip may also be used in line cards, switches, blade servers and chassis.

Combining the industry's new high-density QSFP connector with Quellan's Q:Active chip enables much longer, thinner copper cabling, which eliminates the need to convert to power-hungry fiber optics. The resultant “active cable” improves data center economics by reducing interconnect power by hundreds of kilowatts and makes room for thousands of additional server ports in the existing footprint, said Quellan. Upshot: The combo device offers a 33% increase in port density, a 300% reach extension over copper and an 80% power savings over fiber optics.

The fully embeddable devices deliver 4 channels of processing in a compact 4 x 7-mm package for easy integration in any cable shell, line card or backplane. Power dissipation is 240 mW. Aggregate device bandwidth ranges from 10 Gbits/s (4 x 2.5 Gbits/s) to 34 Gbits/s (4 x 8.5 Gbits/s).

Pricing: The QLx4300 and 4600 are now available for sampling with prices starting at less than $2.00 per channel. The QLx4800 will be available for sampling in third quarter 2007.
Product information: QLx4300-S40, QLx4600-S25, and QLx4600-SL15

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