Analog Devices’ AD8207 high-voltage current sense amplifier

Norwood, Mass.— Analog Devices Inc. claims its latest current sense amplifier achieves the industry’s highest accuracy for industrial and automotive applications .

Well-suited for a variety of PWM closed-loop current control systems, ADI’s AD8207 high-voltage current sense amplifier is said to be the first to deliver a max 1 µV/°C offset temperature drift while featuring negative common-mode voltage operation and high bandwidth.

Key highlights :

  • Provides low-drift current measurement for closed-loop motor control in safety critical automotive applications, such as electric power steering and advanced braking.
  • Enables accurate current measurements to control solenoids and actuators in industrial applications.
  • Input common-mode voltage range:
  • -4 V to +65 V operating (5 V supply)
  • -4 V to +35 V operating (3.3 V supply)
  • -25 V to +75 V input survival
  • Offset drift is typically less than 500 nV/ºC and gain drift is below 10 ppm/º C.
  • 80 dB CMRR (common-mode rejection ratio) from dc to 100 kHz.
  • Meets AEC-Q100 standards. Tested for EMI (electromagnetic interference) compliance.
  • Adjustable output offset is effective for bi-directional current measurements.

Pricing : In 1ku quantities, $1.99 each.

Availability : Sampling now.

Datasheet : Click here.

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