Analog Devices AD8429 instrumentation amplifier

Analog Devices Inc. has introduced an ultra-low noise, low-power low-distortion instrumentation amplifier (in amp) for the precision measurement of extremely small signals present in noisy industrial operating environments.

The high-bandwidth AD8429 in amp is one of the fastest in amps on the market with a current feedback architecture that offers 15 MHz (G=1) bandwidth and a 22-V/μs slew rate , which is 30 percent higher than competing in amps, according to the company. With a low distortion of -130-dB , the AD8429 is robust enough for applications that demand reduced size, power and distortion levels, such as healthcare instrumentation, precision data acquisition equipment and industrial vibration analysis.

Key highlights :

  • Low noise
    • 1-nV/√Hz input noise
    • 45-nV/√Hz output noise
  • High accuracy dc performance
    • 90-dB CMRR minimum (G = 1)
    • 50-μV maximum input offset voltage
    • 0.02 percent maximum gain accuracy (G = 1)
  • AC specifications
    • 80-dB CMRR to 5 kHz (G = 1)
    • 15-MHz bandwidth (G = 1)
    • 22-V/μs slew rate

Pricing :  $3.50 each in 1ku.

Availability : Full volume production now.

Datasheet : Click here.

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