Analog Devices and X-Microwave help any circuit designer move quickly into the microwave and mmWave spectrum

Most circuit designers will struggle with RF designs, especially when the design enters the microwave and mmWave spectrums. We used to call microwave and mmWave ‘Black Magic”, but new tools and company collaborations are enabling more capability and tools to a designer’s toolbox.

Taking circuit design efforts to a new level, Analog Devices is collaborating with X-Microwave LLC, a leading provider of RF and microwave modular blocks. This partnership will help designers evaluate RF components and prototype complete signal chains, leading to a faster time-to-market. DC to 100 GHz capability just became a reality for more circuit designers who are not seasoned high frequency veterans.

In this first phase of the joint effort, X-Microwave will feature more than 250 ADI RF, microwave and millimeter-wave products as drop-in modular blocks. Here is one example below with an ADI Power Amplifier HMC5805ALS6:

Since Analog Devices has the industry’s largest portfolio of more than 1,000 RF, microwave and millimeter-wave components thanks to their Hittite acquisition a few years ago. That product area coupled with the software and support tools needed to help RF engineers develop complete signal chain solutions for their applications from DC to 100 GHz will be a significant help to designers who need RF circuitry in their system but are not RF/microwave engineers.

Here is a full X-Band RADAR signal chain design using ADI’s RF/Microwave devices with X-Microwave’s tools:

X-Microwave’s innovative systems allow engineers to more easily evaluate new RF components and build signal chains simply by arranging the “modular building blocks” and simulating the designed system with X-Microwave’s online tools.

Designers will no longer need to connect multiple evaluation boards together using dozens of cables.

I like what Analog Devices is doing to help circuit designers in an era when we do not have as many RF/Microwave experts available as we did in the past. Now, System designers, Microcontroller users, Software engineers and other designers will be able to add high frequency expertise to their designs with far less effort than ever before.

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