Analog Devices expected to audition for role in digital TV

LONDON — Analog Devices Inc. (Norwood, Mass.) is expected to announce several integrated circuits this week under the brand name Advantiv, intended for use in digital televisions, according to U.S. market research company Gartner Inc.

The parts include audio codecs, Class-D amplifiers, a high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) transmitter and a high-definition video codec, a note from Gartner said.

Parts include the ADAV4101, ADAV4312 and ADAV4322, which are all 24-bit audio codecs, that attempt to compensate for the small speakers usually built in to LCD and flat-panel TVs, Gartner said. The ADAV43x2 and ADAV44x2 audio modulators provide support for high-definition television ready equipment and iDTV standards from analog sources, such as terrestrial tuners.

The range of decoders is supported by a set of two-channel Class-D amplifiers, the ADAU1590, ADAU1592 and ADAU1513, which Gartner's Stephan Ohr said have a 90 percent power efficiency rating and offer “very high fidelity.”

Ohr went on to contest Analog Devices' product positioning.

“We agree with ADI's conjecture that quality audio is essential to the HDTV viewing experience, although we wonder how large a portion of the overall bill of materials audio parts can reasonably assume,” Ohr said in the note. Ohr's argument was that Analog Devices was positioning itself between such heavyweights as Texas Instruments, Broadcom and STMicroelectronics and at the high-end of the market which has become “distressingly price-competitive.”

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