Analog Devices Inc. ADE7816 single-chip energy measurement AFE (analog front end)

Analog Devices Inc.'s latest single-chip energy measurement AFE (analog front end) is capable of monitoring the energy consumption and power quality of up to six electrical circuits.

The ADE7816 energy measurement AFE is designed for data center power distribution units, energy monitoring and management systems, and multi-channel electricity meters. Able to measure one voltage and up to six current channels, the AFE provides high-accuracy energy usage and power quality data for each circuit. Since it interfaces to standard microcontrollers, the ADE7816 energy measurement AFE is specifically suited for applications that require more processor flexibility and peripheral options than is offered by fixed-configuration SOC (system-on-chip) devices.

Key highlights:

  • Supports flexible system design by interfacing a wide variety of user-selectable MCU configurations
  • Enables scalable system design by using multiple ADE7816 AFEs with a single application MCU 
  • Flexible system design supports shunts, Rogowski coils and current transformers
  • Flexible I2 C, SPI and HSDC (high-speed data capture) provide access to real-time raw waveform samples
  • Saves board space and cost by replacing up to six, single-phase energy metering ICs
  • Uses ADI's revenue-grade measurements that include active and reactive energies, instantaneous rms voltage and currents
  • Saves development time by integrating power quality information, including over-voltage, over-current, peak and sag detection
  • Provides less than 0.2 percent error in active and reactive energy over a dynamic range of 3000:1 and meets accuracy requirements of Class 0.5 revenue-grade electricity meters

Pricing:  $6.35 in 1K quantities.

Availability: Samples, full-volume production.

Datasheet: Click here.

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