Analog front end chips are 70 percent smaller, use 40 percent less power

Dallas, Tex.—Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced two integrated analog front ends (AFEs) for handheld ultrasound systems.

The newest members of TI's AFE family for medical ultrasound, the industry-first 16-channel AFE5851 and the 8-channel AFE5801 bring higher power efficiency and smaller footprint to support the new market for handheld ultrasound systems that can fit in a doctor's pocket.

The AFE5851 features 39 mW/channel at 32.5 MSPS and integrates 16 variable gain amplifiers (VGAs) and eight 12-bit, 65-MSPS A/D converters. The A/D converter is shared between two VGAs and each VGA differential output is sampled at alternate clock cycles to optimize power efficiency. The A/D converter has scalable power consumption to further lower power use with lower sampling rates. The AFE5851's high channel count and low-power features allow for increased channel density in handheld ultrasound systems.

The second device, the AFE5801, features 50 mW/channel at 30 MSPS and 58 mW/channel at 50 MSPS and integrates eight VGAs and eight 12-bit, 65 MSPS high-speed A/D converters with LVDS data outputs.

Both the AFE5851 and AFE5801 can be preceded by a transformer or an off-chip low-noise amplifier, which can be located on the probe. This new architecture results in at least 40 percent power savings when compared to other devices currently available on the market, according to TI.

Available in a 9 mm x 9 mm package, the two AFE58xx devices are the smallest analog front ends currently available in the market with a 70 percent smaller footprint than competitive analog front ends for ultrasound systems and 40 percent smaller than previously introduced devices in the AFE58xx family, TI said.

Both the AFE5851 and AFE5801 are available in a 9 mm x 9 mm, 64-QFN package with a suggested resale price of $52 each for the AFE5801 and $92 for the AFE5851, both in 1000-unit quantities. Samples and EVMs for both devices are available now, with volume production for the AFE5851 scheduled for December 2008, and March 2009 for the AFE5801.

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