Analog front end speeds VDSL2 solution

Santa Clara, Calif.&#8212PMC-Sierra's PM4380 stand alone analog front end (AFE) for very high data rate DSL (VDSL2) and asymmetric DSL (ADSL2+) customer premises equipment (CPE) enables OEMs to bring VDSL2 modem and residential gateway products quickly to market. VDSL2 technology allows service providers to offer significantly faster and more robust broadband connections to support the deployment of IPTV and other advanced IP services.

Touting extended rate/reach performance, the PM4380 claims extremely low transmit path distortion and noise floor. The receive path, including the chip's ultralow noise amplifier, provides an input-referred noise density of -150 dBm/Hz, while high-precision 16-bit data converters claim best-in-class performance on both receive and transmit chains. The low transmit and receive noise floors, combined with high-resolution data converters and integrated programmable receive equalizer and filters, reduce the need for complex and costly external filters. In addition, the device integrates a 16-bit digitally controlled crystal oscillator (DCXO) that provides better than 0.02 ppm frequency resolution, and an optional 1.8-volt regulator that allows the PM4380 to be used in systems that only provide 3.3 and 5 volts.

The AFE features full backwards compatibility to ADSL2+. The company also announced the PM4381 ADSL2+ AFE. The device is pin compatible with the PM4380, enabling vendors to produce cost-optimized ADSL2+ variants. The PM4381 interfaces directly to PMC-Sierra's MSP7120 ADSL2+ Multi-Service Processor, which integrates Aware, Inc.'s StratiPHY2+ IP, and provides a complete chipset for advanced residential gateways and integrated access devices (IADs).

Both devices implement PMC-Sierra's ADSL2+/VDSL2 Interface Specification (AVIS) digital interface, which simplifies connection to a variety of DSL DMT processors by offering selectable data rates, clocking modes and control signaling. The AVIS interface offers a nibble-wide configuration to help reduce pin-count on the connecting modem chips.

To promote compatibility of the digital interface, PMC-Sierra is offering customers and partners free access to the interface specification (click here (registration required). Samples of the PM4380 VDSL2/ADSL2+ and PM4381 ADSL2+ AFE devices are available. Click here for the PM4380's datasheet. A comprehensive support package, including reference design and application notes, is available upon request.

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