Analog pre-driver simplifies automotive motor control

Austin, Tex. — Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a field effect transistor (FET) pre-driver designed for three-phase motor control in a variety of automotive and industrial control applications. The MC33927 is said to offer the industry's widest voltage range from 6 V to 58 V, which enables a single development module for multiple platforms or reduced inventory.

The MC33927 analog pre-driver provides a solution for cooling fans, water pumps, fuel pumps, and electro-hydraulic and electric power steering used in automobiles, electric scooters and electric-assist bicycles. These applications require synchronous and asynchronous three-phase motors to combine high output performance, high reliability and small size for space-constrained designs, said Freescale.

In addition to the wide voltage range, the MC33927, based on Freescale's SMARTMOS technology, offers several advanced features that help simply motor control. These include a programmable dead time delay and a full pulse width modulation (PWM) range. The adjustable delay is said to help eliminate current shoot through (crossover) and increase performance. The full PWM supports from 0% to 100% PWM control of the load for increased motor efficiency and control. The device also offers extensive diagnostic and self protection capabilities.

The MC33927 enables precise and efficient control from less than 6 V to more than 55 V.
The device's logic interfaces with the latest 3-V systems, as well as established 5-V platforms. The MC33927 interfaces to a 5.0 V or 3.0 V MCU via six direct input control signals, a serial peripheral interface (SPI) port for device setup, and asynchronous reset, enable and interrupt signals.

The device is designed to enable precision control of motor speed, torque and power. The phase control logic prevents both high-side and low-side FETs from conducting simultaneously and offers a programmable dead time from zero μs to more than 10.5 μs. This complementary phase control logic can be turned off for explicit control of each driver.

The MC33927 is offered in a compact thermally enhanced and lead-free package and is supported by evaluation boards and a USB-to-SPI interface board. The KITUSBSPIEVME board enables a personal computer without a parallel port to communicate with other Freescale evaluation boards through a USB port.

Pricing: Suggested per-unit resale pricing for the MC33927 is $2.72 in quantities of 10,000 and $65 for the KITUSBSPIEVME board.
Availability: Samples of the MC33927 are available upon request.
Product information: MC33927 and engine control and management

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