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Analog rankings: Top 10 suppliers own 68% market share

The latest analog semiconductor industry ranking shows that Texas instruments still holds a firm grip on the top spot with annual sales of $14.1 billion and 19% market share. Moreover, TI’s 2021 analog revenue accounted for 86% of its $16.3 billion in IC sales.

The information comes from the IC Insights’ 2Q22 Update to The McClean Report, which also shows that the ranking of top analog suppliers remained unchanged in 2021 compared to 2020. In the report, semiconductor devices are classified as analog if at least 50% of the total die area of the chip is occupied by analog circuitry.

Source: IC Insights

Analog Devices Inc. (ADI), which completed the acquisition of Maxim Integrated in August 2021, holds the runner-up position with a 13% market share. Maxim’s product offerings, plus its 2017 acquisition of Linear Technology, enable ADI to seek opportunities in a broad analog market spanning sensor-to-cloud, DC to 100 gigahertz and beyond, and nanowatts to kilowatts applications. Its 2021 analog sales are segmented into industrial (50%), automotive (21%), communication (15%), and consumer (14%).

At third spot in the ranking, Skyworks Solutions has recorded the highest growth of 49% in 2021. It’s mainly focused on front-end modules and power amplifiers for handsets and smartphones as well as SiP and SoC devices for wireless infrastructure, power management chips, and precision analog components. Then there are Wi-Fi connectivity modules and ICs and smart energy ICs for ZigBee and Bluetooth applications. It’s also worth mentioning that Apple, accounting for 59% of its sales, was Skyworks’ largest customer in 2021.

The report shows that the top-10 analog suppliers collectively accounted for 68% of analog sales in 2021. And six of the top 10 analog companies are based in the United States. Europe’s three major IC suppliers—Infineon, NXP, and ST—were among the top 10 analog suppliers in 2021, and they collectively accounted for 16% of the global market share.

Infineon, ranked at the fourth position, has been a prominent presence in automotive, which accounted for 44% of its 2021 sales compared to 41% in 2020. Infineon’s other focus areas include power and sensor systems, industrial power control, and connected security.

Finally, it’s important to note that the analog market grew by 30% last year, while the total IC market increased by 26%. That demonstrates that analog semiconductors remain a critical component in nearly all digital-centric systems.

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