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Analog semiconductor devices on track for growth in 2022

The sale of analog chips surged by an unprecedented 30% in 2021, and now IC Insights is projecting a double-digit market growth for analog semiconductors in 2022. The market research firm forecasts that analog IC sales will grow by 12% to $83.2 billion in 2022.

Figure 1 The steady growth of analog device ASPs is also a notable trend.

According to IC Insights, the communications segment is forecast to account for the largest portion of analog IC sales in 2022 amid growing shipments of 5G cellphone handsets and infrastructure buildup. Not surprisingly, therefore, wireless communication applications are expected to represent 91% of sales within the analog communication segment in 2022 while wired communications applications account for 9%.

IC Insights forecasts power management ICs to be the second-largest analog segment in 2022. These chips are essential features in battery-operated systems like cellphones, laptops, and other portable systems. Moreover, they regulate functions like stepper motors, communication interfaces, and backlighting in displays.

Figure 2 The analog IC market is generally segmented into general-purpose and application-specific devices.

The above information comes from IC Insights’ McClean Report, which splits the total IC market into four major product categories: analog, logic, memory, and microcomponents. The company has released this information about analog and power chips from its 1Q update of the 2022 McClean Report.

Analog and power management chips have been a major highlight in the IC shortage saga during the Covid era supply chain crunch. Now, while the analog devices are forecast to grow in volume during 2022, it’s hoped that analog semiconductor players have sorted out the chip manufacturing woes in 2022 and beyond.

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