Analog signal processor doubles performance

Tempe, Ariz. — Anadigm released its third-generation, lower power and higher performance dynamically programmable Analog Signal Processor (dpASP).

The AN231E04 dpASP operates with a 3.3-volt power supply — reducing power consumption by two thirds — while doubling performance, compared to its second-generation device, said Richard Riker, Anadigm's president.

The reduction of power supply from 5 V to 3.3 V, with typical power in the 125 milliwatts range, makes the device especially suited for battery-powered devices.

Anadigm's AN231E04 processor is designed to target analog signal processing in RFID readers, audio, and a broad range of industrial applications. Intended applications that require analog signal conditioning include filtering, gain control, rectification, summing, subtracting, multiplying, etc.

In addition, the doubling of performance allows the designer using the third-generation AN231E04 to double the analog signal bandwidth, from DC to 999 kHz . And in a number of specific applications, such as UHF RFID (class 0), the increased performance allows for an analog signal bandwidth of greater than 2 MHz, Riker said.

A major enhancement and customer-driven feature is the addition of off set nulling, reducing typical CMOS op amp input offset voltages from 4 millivolts to fewer than 250 microvolts, Riker said. This feature is user controlled, so offset nulling can be performed automatically after configuration, or at any future time.

The AN231E04 consists of a 2 x 2 matrix of fully configurable analog blocks, surrounded by programmable interconnect resources and analog input/output cells with active elements. The on-chip clock generator block controls multiple non-overlapping clock domains generated from an external stable clock source.

Configuration data is stored in an on-chip SRAM configuration memory. Additionally, an SPI-like interface is provided for simple serial load of configuration data from a microprocessor or DSP.

Another key feature of the AN231E04 is that it can be reconfigured during operation — dynamically — by a microprocessor or DSP.

Designers can program the chip using AnadigmDesigner2 EDA software, which allows them to construct complex analog functions using configurable analog modules (CAMs) as building blocks.

With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, the design process can be measured in minutes, instead of hours or days, Riker said. This enables complete analog systems to be built rapidly, simulated quickly, and then downloaded to the AN231E04 for testing and validation, he said.

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The AN231K04-DVLP3 development system is available for $199.00. The AnadigmDesigner2 EDA software is also available as a free download after registering the company's website.

The AN231E04 is available now in a 44-pin QFN package (7 x 7 mm). Suggested pricing is $8.46 in 1,000-piece quantities. Click here for the AN231E04 data sheet.

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