Analog switch targets mobile applications

Dallas — Texas Instruments Inc. claims low total harmonic distortion and very low crosstalk make this single-pole, double-throw analog switch suited for mobile applications.

TI's TS5A3159 low noise, high-fidelity switch offers 0.01 percent THD and -65 dB crosstalk. It was designed to operate from 1.65 to 5.5-volts.

The convergence of mobile devices such as handsets, PDA's, and portable music players has increased the demand for high performance analog switches that can route audio signals from a variety of sources — audio codec, FM tuner, MP3 playback from a DSP, or a polyphonic ring tone generator. The low 1-ohm on-state resistance of the TS5A3159 SPDT reduces insertion loss when compared to popular 10-ohm 3157 SPDT's, according to TI.

Additionally, 0.15-ohm on resistance R(ON) flatness allows the TS5A3159 to achieve low THD under rail-to-rail signal conditions — making it a versatile option for selecting between sources upstream of the audio power amplifier, or for routing between an internal speaker or external headset downstream of the audio power amplifier, the company said.

The TS5A3159 analog switch is offered in standard 6-pin leadframe packages, SC-70 (DCK) and SOT-23 (DBV). The TS5A3159DBVR and TS5A3159DCKR are currently available to sample. Budgetary pricing for the devices is set at 68 cents in quantities of 1,000. Click here for the TS5A3159 data sheet.

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