Analog switches housed in chipscale package

San Jose, Calif. — Pericom Semiconductor Corp.'s family of analog switches for mobile terminal applications are said to feature chipscale packaging, very low on-resistance, and wide voltage ranges.

Pericom's PI5A4xxx integrated circuits (IC's) are dual, high-bandwidth, single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) and SP3T CMOS analog switches housed in ultra-small 2 x 1.5 x 0.6-mm CSP packaging. Designed specifically for the mobile market, these switches can be used for multi-band functions, polyphonic ring tones (MIDI), hands-free functions, FM radio, MP3/MP4 players, and memo recorder applications.

Combining low R(ON) of 0.5-ohm and 0.95-ohm at +2.7 V, wide voltage ranges (1.65 V to 5.5 V), and tiny package, have allowed Pericom to obtain major design wins with several top mobile terminal manufacturers, said Shaf Rahman, Pericom's marketing director.

There are four products in Pericom's PI5A4xxx family:

  • PI5A4684: Low Voltage Dual SPDT Analog Switch, 2:1 Mux/DeMux Bus Switch
  • PI5A4765: Low Voltage Dual SPDT Audio Click-less Analog Switch with Headphone/Mute Detection, 2:1 Mux/DeMux Bus Switch
  • PI5A4764: Low Voltage Dual SPDT Audio Click-less Analog Switch, 2:1 Mux/DeMux Bus Switch (with Shunt Switches)
  • PI5A4213: Low Voltage Dual SP3T Analog Switch, 3:1 Mux/DeMux Bus Switch

Other features of the PI5A4xxx family include a Vcc range of +1.65 V to +5.5 V, break-before-make switching, on-chip comparator for mute detection, on-chip shunt switches to reduce audio popping and clicking, high off-isolation (-42 dB to -53 dB), low cross-talk rejection reduces signal distortion: (-80 dB), and an extended industrial temperature range: -40°C to +85°C.

Pricing for the PI5A4xxx family starts at roughly 60 cents each in 10,000s. Click here for the PI5A4xxx data sheets.

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