AnalogicTech introduces a tri-mode charge pump for high volume cell phone market

Theale, UK — Meeting the demanding cost/performance standards of today's mass market consumer cell phones, AnalogicTech has introduced a high efficiency, low noise, constant frequency charge pump for white LED applications. The three-channel, tri-mode charge pump provides the right balance of functionality and silicon overhead to meet the commercial and functional standards that these highly competitive consumer applications require. Integrating a 1X load switch, 1.5X fractional and 2X doubling charge pump, the AAT3142 is optimized for the backlight power requirements of high-volume consumer cell phones with small, efficient colour displays. Tri-mode devices increase efficiency by stepping up voltage only when necessary. Since 80 percent of the discharge cycle of a lithium-ion/polymer battery is spent above the 3.5V threshold needed to drive white LEDs, constant use of a charge pump would waste energy. By integrating a 1X load switch, tri-mode devices like the AAT3142 allow the battery voltage to pass through to the output when sufficient voltage is available. AnalogicTech , Theale, UK.

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