AnalogicTech : PMICs deliver low noise power at high efficiency

While many portable systems, such as wireless data cards, need a typical 3.3V source to power a processor, memory or I/O plus a lower voltage source to power noise-sensitive circuits, it is very difficult to support all those functions while achieving high efficiency, using a single PMIC. By combining two buck converters with a low input voltage used to post-regulate the second buck converter, AnalogicTech’s AAT2782 and AAT2783 extend battery life and reduce board footprint by powering both standard and the lower voltage noise sensitive circuits while maintaining high power efficiency.

The AAT2782 and AAT2783 are power management ICs (PMICs) for portable applications. The devices can be used to power both traditional power management functions and noise-sensitive circuits without compromising power efficiency.

The AAT2782 and AAT2783 operate off a 2.7V to 5.5V input range and provide three independently regulated DC outputs: two step-down converters and one low input voltage LDO. The two step-down converters on the AAT2782 deliver 1200mA and 600mA respectively, while the AAT2783 delivers 1000mA and 400mA. Both converters use current mode control to ensure fast transient response and stable operation across the entire operating range. A 1.3MHz switching frequency supports the use of small external filters.

The low input voltage LDO is optimized for low noise operation. Designed to operate off a 1.7V input, the LDO delivers up to 400mA with a -80 dB power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) and 65 microVRMS output noise with an optional bypass capacitor. The LDO’s output voltage is factory set at 1.2V.

When using the LDO to post-regulate the output of the second step-down converter to produce low-noise operation, both the AAT2782 and AAT2783 achieve efficiency levels up to 80 percent. Total quiescent current is 170 micro A for the AAT2782 and 135 micro A for the AAT2783. Both devices feature 200 micro s internal soft start and over-temperature protection.

The AAT2782 and the AAT2783 are fabricated in AnalogicTech’s proprietary ModularBCD process. Compared to linear-IC legacy fabs and generic digital CMOS foundries, ModularBCD provides more cost-effective, modular fabrication of analogue, power and mixed-signal ICs by monolithically integrating fully-isolated CMOS at multiple voltages, complementary bipolar transistors, and robust power devices. This process avoids complex and expensive techniques such as epitaxy and high-temperature diffusion. Devices manufactured in ModularBCD offer higher efficiency, smaller size and higher levels of integration than those fabricated in many other processes.

Qualified across the -40 C to +85 degrees C temperature range, the AAT2782 and AAT2783 are available in a Pb-free, 16-pin, TDFN package.

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Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc . (AnalogicTech) is a supplier of Total Power Management™ semiconductor solutions for mobile consumer electronic devices, such as wireless handsets, notebook and tablet computers, smartphones, digital cameras, wireless LAN, and personal media players. The company focuses its design and marketing efforts on the application-specific power management needs of consumer, communications, and computing applications in these rapidly evolving devices. AnalogicTech also develops and licenses device, process, package, and application-related technology. AnalogicTech is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and Macau, S.A.R., with offices in China (Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen), Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, France and United Kingdom, as well as a worldwide network of sales representatives and distributors. The company is listed on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker symbol AATI.

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