Announcing ArchiveBMT: BMT Centers Can Now Analyze Decades of Historical Data With New Software From RemedyMD.

RemedyMD also announcing availability of RemedyBMT, an entry-level version of ComprehensiveBMT designed for smaller BMT centers.

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SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 27, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY , Jan. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Recognizing the need of BMT centers to access and analyze historical data on transplant outcomes, RemedyMD, the leading provider of registries for Life Science Research, has developed ArchiveBMT™, a software application designed to import legacy data submitted by BMT centers to the former IBMTR. RemedyMD will unveil ArchiveBMT at the 2012 BMT Tandem Meetings in San Diego, Calif. , Feb. 1Feb. 5, 2012 in the Manchester Grand Hyatt.


Offered as a component of the ComprehensiveBMT™ product, ArchiveBMT gives BMT specialists a broader picture of their center's data than has ever been available to them. BMT centers are now able to import their historical data into ComprehensiveBMT and analyze the data with powerful pattern recognition tools to identify underlying trends.

Through a combination of ArchiveBMT and interfaces to AGNIS, ComprehensiveBMT will provide a continuous view of a BMT center's data, from the first report ever sent to future submissions that can be sent directly from ComprehensiveBMT. Due to the flexibility of the ComprehensiveBMT data model BMT researchers can track and study data far beyond what is reported to CIBMTR.

“Our technology is designed to empower physicians and researchers to recognize patterns that will accelerate discovery and improve outcomes,” said Jonathan Dewey , MD, clinical director for RemedyMD. “ComprehensiveBMT is a very powerful and intuitive tool designed to collect, harmonize, query and report data collected about hematopoietic stem cell transplantations. With the release of ArchiveBMT, researchers will now be able to include decades of historical data in their analyses. The implications for outcomes research are staggering.”

Until recently, access to historical data has been very limited. CIBMTR's efforts to migrate data from legacy databases to the CIBMTR observational database has progressed to the point where BMT centers can now access TED-level historical data that was submitted prior to the creation of FormsNet™ 2. ArchiveBMT will be updated continually to accommodate CRF data elements as they become available from CIBMTR.

“Our mission is to tangibly, measurably and permanently improve the effectiveness of Life Science Research,” said Gary Kennedy , founder and CEO of RemedyMD. “With the addition of ArchiveBMT to the powerful capabilities of ComprehensiveBMT, we are offering an unprecedented opportunity for BMT researchers to integrate a large range of data into the most intuitive, flexible and powerful informatics platform in the world. We believe this will enable BMT center clinicians and researchers to make a significant leap forward in BMT outcomes research.”

In addition to ComprehensiveBMT, RemedyMD is now offering RemedyBMT™ – an entry-level version of ComprehensiveBMT. RemedyBMT is built on the same Mosaic Platform as ComprehensiveBMT and therefore offers the same structured flexibility of ComprehensiveBMT with the ability to scale as the needs of a BMT center increase. Through its AGNIS interface, RemedyBMT enables centers to collect and analyze “TED level” data while avoiding the need for duplicate data entry. Other useful features include auto-generation of the standard ASBMT RFI outcomes form and a document management system to facilitate FACT accreditation. Centers purchasing RemedyBMT can include features from ComprehensiveBMT on an “a la carte” basis, including the “retrieve” AGNIS interface, and ArchiveBMT.

RemedyMD will be demonstrating both ArchiveBMT and RemedyBMT at BOOTH #19 at the 2012 Tandem Meetings in San Diego, Calif. beginning Feb. 1Feb. 5 .

Organizations currently using RemedyMD life science products include Blood Research Center of Wisconsin , Cleveland Clinic, University of Utah Health System's Huntsman Cancer Institute, the UC Davis Health System, and many others.

For information about ArchiveBMT or ComprehensiveBMT, please visit the RemedyMD website

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