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APEC becomes big, and we’re there

The IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC) used to be a quiet event—at least, that's what I have heard from old-timers—but that is no longer the case. Almost every vendor who is in the power-related IC or discrete market is there, whether exhibiting, presenting, or just checking things out.

While I am not there, EDN contributing editor Steve Taranovich is sending regular updates. Here's his latest:

•Vicor's Picor division can do custom modules to customer requests in 140 days

•Picor semiconductor power chips: Quiet power (active EMI filter chip) and Cool-power (using Zero-voltage switching technology) and Cool-swap (hot swap with true SOA [safe operating area] and glitch-catching capability), thus eliminating big external components. These solutions are rounding out their power-management offerings.

•Intersil is highlighting their digital-power solutions with the new ZL6105 controller with auto-compensation for stable operation, and ZL9117M digital DC/DC at 17A, making a small, accurate power supply as good as many bench-top supplies. Also,  the Power Navigator GUI and software by their Zilker Labs team with feature updates like auto-compensation using ZL6105 are making news at the show.

•Even CUI is showing this software—more on CUI coming up.

•DC/DC converters and MOSFETs are the hot items among suppliers at APEC. This year there were 800 papers submitted with 400 being accepted, and 15 to 20% of these were about DC/DC converter technology. As for MOSFET's, I found that there were a great many new and innovative solutions, process improvements, enhanced specifications and broadened portfolio choices.

EDN's Margery Conner included some of his first updates in her blog Notes from APEC: SiC diodes quals; New GaN drivers; STMicro/3Sun , including how STMicro's partnership with 3Sun is giving it the edge in solar power conversion and management. Steve will have lots more to report over the next few days. Stay tuned!

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