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COLLEYVILLE, Texas , April 1 /PRNewswire/ — SS Choice, LLC announced today that it is giving away the latest must have gadget from Apple, the new iPad. Details of this promotion can be found on their web site at is the number one provider of the No. 7 E-cigarette micro and the battle tested military STEALTH micro. The company is located in the heart of the USA in Southlake, Texas and has a global network of quality minded retailers. The No. 7 E-cigarette starter kit comes in a beautiful presentation box complete with two rechargeable batteries, two atomizers, USB/wall charger and a pack of cartridges with or without nicotine.

The E-cigarette is a smoking alternative for adult committed smokers who wish to save money over the rapidly escalating cost of heavily taxed tobacco cigarettes. Newly developed micro technology has brought the smoking consumer a better way to smoke without offending others with the obnoxious odors produced by a burning cigarette. The E-cigarette has no flame or sparks and is an excellent fire reduction product.

Smokers can try a No. 7 E-cigarette for as little as $14.99 and check out the web site Savings Calculator to see how much they will save over time. The average smoker may save over a thousand dollars a year and have their E-cigarettes conveniently delivered to their door.

This new promotion will end on April 30th .

E-Cigarettes Choice is the number one retailer of electronic cigarettes in the United States . Visit their site at

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