Aprimo Empowers Marketers With Next-Gen Digital Marketing Solution

Digital Messaging Center enhances messaging, integrates channels, and harnesses social and application data insights to personalize the customer experience, drive higher performance

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LAS VEGAS, Oct. 15, 2012

LAS VEGAS , Oct. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Today at DMA2012Aprimo®, a Teradata company, announced the global availability of Digital Messaging Center, a comprehensive cloud-based solution that will lead marketers into the next generation of digital marketing by serving as a centralized, expansive hub where all cross-channel digital messaging activity can be managed. The new capability will empower today's marketers to combine insights gleaned from analytics across all digital channels — including social networks or even data from other applications (e.g., CRM) — with advanced segmentation strategies to deliver a consistent customer experience and relevant, timely offers across both online and offline channels.

Digital Messaging Center, which incorporates messaging technology obtained through Teradata's recent eCircle acquisition, is available today and can be purchased separately or as part of Aprimo's market-leading Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) suite. The Center significantly expands the messaging capabilities of Aprimo's IMM solution through technology that has already powered more than 100 billion emails to date. Additionally, through the new Social Adapter tool, marketers can craft more personalized messages and tailor them to match customer preferences using pre-existing data obtained from Facebook and other social networks. Additional capabilities are being integrated into the Center and will be announced as they become available. 

With Aprimo's Digital Messaging Center, marketers now have a single interface where they can leverage integrated applications, data and analytics to identify recipients, personalize content and offers, test messages, and track campaign deliverability and performance across all digital channels, from Web and social to mobile and email. 

“The industry as a whole is undergoing a metamorphosis as marketers are challenged to meet dynamic changes in channels, tactics and customer expectations,” said John Lovett , a senior partner at Web Analytics Demystified. “Marketing is typically a company's largest variable expenditure, so in this environment, an integrated, digitally-focused technology platform can give marketers a huge competitive advantage.”

Many marketers are struggling to find, integrate and manage customer data, channel data, offer content, lists, product catalogs and operational business data needed to design, populate and deliver effective digital marketing campaign messages. Aprimo Digital Messaging Center relieves that burden and instead manages multi-source and multi-format data in a private marketing cloud that requires minimal IT support.

“Aprimo Digital Messaging Center is where all digital messages come together, and is the next important step in building out an IMM solution that is truly turn-key for marketers,” said Bob Boehnlein , Aprimo's president. “And we will continue to enhance its digital messaging and campaign management capabilities with proven technologies that enable our customers to manage their most complex marketing campaigns across all channels – both online and offline – and deliver unprecedented return on investment.”  

Aprimo Digital Messaging Center easily integrates with web analytics tools, CRM platforms, e-commerce systems and in-house databases to provide real-time access to customer preferences and behavioral data from all channels. The solution enables marketers to operate more efficiently, while simultaneously building customer trust by providing automation support in the following areas:

  • Message Creation: Streamline content with an online library, functional messaging templates and display optimization for all digital channels.
  • Recipient Management: Integrate big data/analytics into digital campaigns to unlock key insights and ensure the right message is reaching the right customer or prospect at the right time.
  • Personalization: Go beyond simple subject-line customization to build digital trust by tailoring offers and other messages based on complex customer information. 
  • Deliverability: Increase inbox delivery rates for up to 10 million emails per hour with personalized rules, automatic bounce-back processing, list integration and more.
  • Tracking and Reporting:   Break down what's working for individuals and/or target groups both online and offline in real time to adjust on the fly and make every campaign better than the last.

Aprimo Digital Messaging Center and all of Aprimo's IMM solutions are available in the cloud on a global basis. For more information:

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Aprimo is a leading provider of software and services that advance the productivity and performance of marketing organizations. We enable marketers to engage, lead and perform by empowering conversations on new engagement channels, enhancing internal collaboration, and improving marketing performance and accountability. Aprimo's modular and on demand Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) solutions provide a global, integrated marketing platform that can be broadly adopted across an organization, letting companies balance creativity with a data-driven approach and simplify the complexity of a rapidly changing marketing environment. Hundreds of thousands of marketers trust Aprimo to revolutionize their marketing, including over one third of Fortune 100 companies and nearly one quarter of Global 100 companies. Aprimo, a Teradata company, is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana , with offices worldwide. For more information, call 1.317.814.6465 or visit

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Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), Aprimo's parent company, is the world's leading analytic data solutions company, focused on integrated data warehousing, big data analytics, and business applications. Teradata's innovative products and services deliver data integration and business insight to empower organizations to make the best decisions possible and achieve competitive advantage. For more information, visit

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