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Smart Mobility: Electronics technology applied to smart mobility with low impact to the environment, Part 9
Busy Blogger  
4/23/2018   1 comment
On the frontier of electric transport, there is a possible solution with an electric bus fleet adopted in the cities of Luxembourg starting from June 2017 in collaboration with Volvo.
Single Event Effects (SEEs) with High Speed ADCs: Single Event Transient (SET)
Jonathan Harris  
4/21/2018   Post a comment
Now letís move to our next SEE topic which is single event transients (SETs)
NASA TESS peering into the abyss of deep space for life: Are we alone?
Steve Taranovich  
4/16/2018   2 comments
NASAís Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) may possibly launch on Wednesday April 18, 2018 this week.
The e-health program, a new approach to health care, by utilizing electronic technology, Part 3
Busy Blogger  
4/12/2018   2 comments
The development of electronics technology is gaining importance in helping e-medicine assist patients facing the challenges that daily life activities represent, especially for people affected by their neural system malfunctioning.
Optimizing SAR ADC driver amplifier and RC filter circuit settling using SPICE
Signal Chain Basics  
4/11/2018   Post a comment
In this article, Iíll show you how to optimize SAR driver amplifier and RC filter settling performance by using SPICE simulations.
Problem Solver: Multiplying Digital-to-Analog Converter
Steve Taranovich  
4/9/2018   Post a comment
How could a multiplying DAC be used other than as a DAC?
Maximizing Zero Drift Amplifier Signal Integrity
Jerry Steele  
4/9/2018   Post a comment
Like all engineering solutions, zero-drift op amps also have their limitations. One of the less obvious is a result of the fact that the internal circuit contains a clocked system
Discussion regarding high switching frequency leading to smaller magnetics in Power designs
Steve Taranovich  
4/4/2018   13 comments
I commented to Mr. Ćuk that we should take this discussion to our worldwide, vast technical audience of electronics experts on Planet Analog for a true and fair discussion.
Designing higher frequency active filters to drive differential input high-speed ADCs
Michael Steffes  
4/3/2018   Post a comment
A recent >30MHz active filter design will be described here and updated to more accurately fit the desired response shape.
Scientists determine that Maxwell's electric field theory is in error
Steve Taranovich  
4/1/2018   5 comments
Today it was revealed that James Clerk Maxwellís electric field theory is all wrong!
Power measurements at APEC 2018
Steve Taranovich  
3/29/2018   Post a comment
Power measurements at APEC 2018
Mechatronics: Power Amplifiers
Steve Taranovich  
3/28/2018   Post a comment
Power amplifiers/drivers are important in Mechatronics because they are the ĎMovers and the Shakersí, so-to-speak, in Robotics and other Mechatronics applications.
Multifunction Microprocessor Control and Regulation of Power
Scott Deuty  
3/24/2018   Post a comment
As I get more and more used to analog control of power giving way to digital control, I often look for applications where the microprocessor is controlling the entire show.
Intelligent Load Management and Load Current Sensing
Scott Deuty  
3/23/2018   Post a comment
In this blog, we take a look at an intelligent load management product after starting with the basics of steering as well as sensing output currents.
Single Event Effects (SEEs) with High Speed ADCs: Single Event Latch-up (SEL)
Jonathan Harris  
3/23/2018   Post a comment
In this installment we will look at single event latch-up (SEL) in particular for high speed ADCs.
Gate Drivers Get Some Deserved Attention
Analog Angle  
3/22/2018   Post a comment
Deciding which power-device driver to use may not seem like a big deal, but how well it matches the power device and design objectives is an important factor in overall performance and reliability.
Output offset calculations in Op Amp-based circuits
Rajesh Pathak  
3/21/2018   Post a comment
In this article, a generalized method is proposed to compute offset in the output when an Op Amp with an input offset e is used in the circuit.
Mixed-Signal Circuits, Part 2: ADC and DAC Dynamics, the w-Domain, and Feedback Loop Design
Dennis Feucht  
3/19/2018   Post a comment
In this part, we push forth to transfer functions in s and z of ADCs and DACs, then consider briefly how to design feedback loops that span the analog-digital boundary.
Signal Chain Basics #134: Methods to precisely measure high currents
Signal Chain Basics  
3/19/2018   1 comment
As vehicles become more electrified, it becomes more critical to accurately monitor the current in many subsystems to ensure performance as well as long-term reliability.
Still another hidden 'Gem' from APEC 2018: AEM, Inc.
Steve Taranovich  
3/16/2018   Post a comment
AEM, Inc. did have a small booth at APEC 2018 this year and I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Montgomery, General Manager, AEM. High-Rel fuses and tin whiskers were our topics of discussion. Both of these topics are frequently after-thoughts by circuit designers.
More hidden 'Gems' at APEC 2018: Apex Microtechnology
Steve Taranovich  
3/15/2018   Post a comment
Hybrid IC technology is not obsolete
Having a piece of Pi on Pi day
Steve Taranovich  
3/14/2018   Post a comment
March 14 is traditionally Pi Day
My top hidden 'Gems' at APEC 2018: Renesas/Intersil
Steve Taranovich  
3/12/2018   Post a comment
While at APEC 2018 last week in San Antonio, TX, there were a great many excellent new offerings and developments for the power electronics industry. Sometimes, what some may consider lesser displays and discussions, can get lost in the shuffle at such an event, so I wanted to highlight some of these ĎGemsí that I noticed while roaming the exhibit floor and seminar rooms.
High-Side Current Sensing
Steve Taranovich  
3/11/2018   3 comments
Is placing a 100 ohm resistor in front of a MOSFET gate required for stability?
Mixed-Signal Circuits, Part 1: From s to z - The Discrete Complex-Frequency Domain
Dennis Feucht  
3/11/2018   Post a comment
This article series is a mini-tutorial on the discrete complex-frequency domain and its complex variable denoted as z
Can you charge your EV faster?
Nagarajan Sridhar  
3/6/2018   Post a comment
There have been many announcements about rollouts of electric vehicles (EVs) across the globe.
APEC2018: EPC Professional Education GaN Seminar
Steve Taranovich  
3/5/2018   Post a comment
Alex Lidow and his team of Michael de Rooij, David Reusch, and John Glaser gave an excellent technical tutorial this morning to a packed audience of Professional Engineers (PEs).
Digital Temperature Sensing with the Aid of LTspice
Alain Stas  
3/3/2018   Post a comment
Before you start building a digital temperature sensing circuit, you must take the pure mechanical aspects (not treated in this article) and the electro-thermal aspects of your design into account. To that end, there are several important questions to consider.
Choosing and Using GaN Technology for High-Efficiency Power Conversion
Rudy Ramos  
3/3/2018   Post a comment
The goal to increase energy efficiency and reliability, while reducing overall solution size, is prevalent in modern power-electronics applications.
Choosing the optimal LPDDR4 power supply
Chris Glaser  
3/1/2018   Post a comment
In this article, Iíll compare three Texas Instruments (TI) power solutions for LPDDR4 portable applications, comparing their output-voltage accuracy, efficiency and solution size to obtain an optimal solution for a wide variety of applications.
Dynamic Use of the Disable Pin on an Amplifier
Steve Taranovich  
2/28/2018   1 comment
Some operational amplifiers have disable pins and when used correctly, they can yield up to 99% power savings without compromising accuracy. The disable pin is primarily used in static operation (standby mode).
Relays and Solenoids: Electromechanical Devices
Scott Deuty  
2/27/2018   2 comments
This blog is an introduction to relays and solenoids for the beginner with a few stories about the experiences Iíve had with each.
The e-car: Electronics technology applied to sustainable mobility, Part 4
Busy Blogger  
2/23/2018   2 comments
One of the most important parameters of an electric car is the efficiency of the power conversion process, a parameter that measures how efficient is the process of utilization of electric energy in the electrical system, which in turn allows zero-emission driving
Signal Chain Basics #133: Designing summing active filters
Signal Chain Basics  
2/22/2018   1 comment
In this article, Iíll describe a few easy steps that will convert any Sallen-Key (SK) or multiple feedback (MFB) active filter from a single-input filter to a summing active filter that gives the same response without difficult calculations or analysis
Total Ionizing Dose (TID) Effects with High Speed ADCs
Jonathan Harris  
2/22/2018   Post a comment
Looking at TID effects
Current Output Current Sense Improves Remote Accuracy
Jerry Steele  
2/22/2018   2 comments
In applications where the readout boards are remotely located, a voltage output current sense amplifier can be converted to a precision current output
Engineering a better world: National Engineers Week
Steve Taranovich  
2/19/2018   Post a comment
We, as engineers, need to spread the word that the world needs more of us.
NASA Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE)
Steve Taranovich  
2/17/2018   2 comments
Recently, an amateur astronomer, Scott Tilley in Roberts Creek, British Columbia, amazingly found NASAís IMAGE spacecraft more than 12 years after it went dark.
Autonomous Vehicles in Transportation, Part 3: Industry Players
Scott Deuty  
2/17/2018   2 comments
The days of emerging car companies have returned due mostly to innovation with companies such as Tesla and Bandu.
The e-car: Electronics technology applied to sustainable mobility, Part 3
Busy Blogger  
2/17/2018   Post a comment
Electronics technology is contributing heavily to the automotive industry with ICs for the DC-DC conversion utilized in the creation of voltages suitable for the central processor to enable actuators and to process the signals coming from the electronic sensors.
Units, Pseudo-Units, Scaling Factors, and Units Conversion
Dennis Feucht  
2/16/2018   2 comments
The additional connection between numbers and the physical world is achieved through the use of units
Radically Rethinking Antennas
Analog Angle  
2/16/2018   Post a comment
Antennas have come a very long way from the classic metal-element versions; are you ready for their next phases?
Autonomous Vehicles in Transportation, Part 2: The Government's Involved
Scott Deuty  
2/9/2018   2 comments
Autonomous vehicle operation has no choice other than to have government involvement.
The e-car: Electronics technology applied to sustainable mobility, Part 2
Busy Blogger  
2/9/2018   1 comment
The electric car is going to become a widely adopted solution that guarantees a sustainable mobility with zero harmful emissions that are dangerous, especially for urban environments; this is pollution that its citizens breathe
We become what we behold
Publisher's Perspective  
2/8/2018   2 comments
In this first column of 2018, the publisher of ASPENCORE reflects on our journey the last three years and glimpses ASPENCOREís future
Include the op amp gain bandwidth product in the Rauch low-pass active filter performance equations
Michael Steffes  
2/8/2018   Post a comment
Include the op amp gain bandwidth product in the Rauch low-pass active filter performance equations
Low Side RDS(on) Current Sensing
Jerry Steele  
2/5/2018   Post a comment
Motor drive applications with totem pole outputs often only need to sense current in the low side switch(es) of their phase(s). Including a shunt and an amplifier is a simple and obvious solution, and is really preferred if high accuracy is the objective
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On the frontier of electric transport, there is a possible solution with an electric bus fleet adopted in the cities of Luxembourg starting from June 2017 in collaboration with Volvo.
Now letís move to our next SEE topic which is single event transients (SETs)
NASAís Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) may possibly launch on Wednesday April 18, 2018 this week.
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