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Apple Watch Illustrates the Battery Life Challenge for Wearable Technology
Steve Taranovich  
12/22/2014   126 comments
There are three basic ways to address battery life for a given device: choose a more advanced battery technology, improve charging, or increase efficiency. Letís have a look at each approach as it relates to the Apple Watch.
Analog ICs We Canít Live Without... & Ones We Wish We Had
Brad Albing  
3/27/2013   120 comments
There's a new contest with some nice prizes brewing. Which analog ICs do you fall back on time again in your designs? Which functions do you wish were integrated more?
Getting From Scopes to Semiconductor Innovations
Dennis Feucht  
10/17/2013   119 comments
Semiconductor companies are in a unique position. They can leverage their capabilities into manufacturing products to use their components.
Autonomous Vehicles Made Possible by Integrated Electronics
Steve Taranovich  
2/11/2014   112 comments
Ever more electronics technology is being integrated into luxury automobiles such as automated parking, and soon pedestrian protection will be integrated based on a stereo video camera.
Whatís Driving Interest for Supercapacitors?
Steve Taranovich  
12/16/2014   93 comments
Chances are youíve heard mention of supercapacitors if you havenít yet implemented them in a system design. Thatís because when components experience a 30% compound annual growth rate, it is usually driven by game-changing advantages.
Should We Care if AM Radio Fades Out?
Analog Angle  
9/19/2014   91 comments
How the cycle has turned: Putting an AM radio into a car was a big advance in the 1920s and 1930s; now, auto vendors are considering eliminating the radio as a standard or even optional feature, due to declining user need and listenership.
Learning & Teaching
Brad Albing  
9/30/2013   88 comments
An overview and analysis of our survey on learning and teaching about engineering.
Top 6 Technologies That Demand Circuit Protection for Safe Use
Bharat Shenoy  
8/27/2014   85 comments
Without even thinking about it, consumers depend on technology throughout the day as they send texts, turn on lights, and drive home from the office. But that technology depends on something that usually goes unnoticed until there's a problem.
RFID & NFC Enabling Solutions: a Closer Look
Victor Lorenzo  
2/7/2014   83 comments
RFID and NFC are becoming more and more popular every day. As now mature standards, RFID & NFC are also becoming enabling technologies for adding wireless access in smart metering and other applications.
When GND Isnít GND, Single-Ended Circuits Become Differential
Precision Hub  
7/3/2014   81 comments
The system ground return, or GND, symbol is often taken for granted when drawing schematics.
3 Circuit Protection Innovations Designed to Protect Wearable Technologies
James Colby  
7/25/2014   76 comments
Todayís wearables demand lower capacitance, lower clamping voltage, and a smaller form factor.
Voice, Wireless or Infrared Control?
Steve Taranovich  
1/20/2015   75 comments
One of the key themes throughout my tour of CES 2015 exhibits was the wireless of infrared control of the Smart Home. Using your Smart Phone or Tablet, exhibitors showed how you could easily control many functions in your home.
Standardizing the Internet of Things: Why Our Money Is on Bluetooth Smart
Radek Tadajewski  
11/7/2014   74 comments
According to Gartner, by 2022 the average consumer will have more than 500 connected Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets in their homes, and PWC has predicted that the IoT market will be a multi-trillion dollar industry by then.
Smart Cities: The Future of Urban Areas, Part 2
Paolo Scalisi  
9/26/2014   71 comments
Guadalajara is the second biggest city in Mexico, but the biggest city of that country, Mexico City, is moving in the direction of integration of smart energy harvesting technology into the infrastructures of the city.
Invest in a Simulator
Analog Angle  
2/18/2014   70 comments
A simple hardware instrument can be a big help when designing circuits for transducer and analog I/O -- if you know what to look for.
Have you seen any erlangs lately?
Analog Design  
1/19/2012   70 comments
Even a vital parameter can lose its stature due to technology change
How to Kill an Ultracapacitor, if You Really Want To
Mike Everett  
8/22/2014   65 comments
While ultracapacitors can outlast most electronic components in any application, they can meet an early demise if you really try. But the list of things you can do to kill an ultracapacitor is pretty limited.
LED Lighting: The Unintended Effects in Public Lighting
Luca Difalco  
7/25/2014   62 comments
One of the most fascinating aspects of many technologies is the way they transform the world in ways completely unanticipated by their developers.
Put an Oscilloscope on a Chip: Why Not?
Brad Albing  
10/15/2013   61 comments
If we can put a DMM and a Z meter on a chip, can we do the same for a 'scope?
Will Wearable Technology Be Prêt-à-Porter in 2014?
Brad Albing  
12/27/2013   61 comments
Wearable technology is starting to appear, both as fashion statements and as more mundane, practical devices. What will it take to make it really practical and low-cost?
Smart Life: The Intelligence of Electronics Improving Our Lives, Part 1
Paolo Scalisi  
12/22/2014   60 comments
Electronic systems can really improve the quality level of our lives. This is the basic idea behind the effort of many big companies in the microelectronics sector in creating smart solutions for a better life.
Design for a Radio-Controlled Car
John Teel  
12/30/2014   59 comments
Radio-controlled toys helped drive me toward a career in electronics engineering.
Get Up on the Fundamentals of Energy Management
Brad Albing  
10/2/2013   58 comments
Maxim has a short online course on the fundamentals of energy management.
City Streetlights Become Smart: The New LED Street Lamps, Part 1
Paolo Scalisi  
6/3/2014   55 comments
The new strategy for street illumination is mainly focused on LED lights.
The Untold Truth About Standards and Specifications
Mike Everett  
1/22/2015   55 comments
Specifications and standards are essential in the energy storage market for establishing the integrity of the purchasing and integration process. But, they seem hard to come by in this industry.
The REAL Cost for a Custom IC
Scott Elder  
5/14/2013   54 comments
The actual cost of a custom IC is most likely more than you think. The total cost -- including amortized NRE -- must be considered.
What Is Digital Power?
Steve Taranovich  
11/13/2014   54 comments
In advance of our chat session on Wednesday, Nov. 19, at 1:00 p.m. EST, we will present three introductory tech blogs on Digital Power.
Schematic Capture & PC Board Layout
Brad Albing  
4/15/2013   53 comments
Schematic capture programs are plentiful. But how many are actually any good?
Smart Cities: The Future of Urban Areas, Part 1
Paolo Scalisi  
9/17/2014   53 comments
The new trend of urban city architecture is in the direction of the realization of a Smart City.
The Big Lie About LEDs
Scott Elder  
12/22/2014   51 comments
The world has been told that LEDs are the future, in part because they are economically the right form of long-term lighting and there are environmental benefits as a great aside. Well, maybe the environmental argument is true, but the economical one is not.
Can We Have Rad-Hard Integrated Analog?
Brad Albing  
12/30/2013   49 comments
Integrated analog is fairly easily done now, but rad-hard parts must play by different rules. Can we actually make rad-hard integrated analog?
Temperature Measurement, Part 4
Aubrey Kagan  
4/25/2014   49 comments
The topic of integrated temperature sensors.
When Is a Reference Not Adequate? It Depends
Brandt Braswell  
10/21/2014   48 comments
In the design of analog front ends that require low noise, it is important to consider all aspects of the design.
Designing With Op-Amps Is Ending
Scott Elder  
6/11/2013   47 comments
Are we being forced to move away from discrete IC designs and towards integrated analog designs? The answer may lie within the models that IC manufacturers provide for us to use in our circuit simulations.
The Next Frontier of Integrated Circuits: Space, Part 3
Paolo Scalisi  
8/18/2014   47 comments
A growing number of companies are developing products for military purposes or for space exploration. They are being helped by NASA, ESA, SpaceX, and others.
Designers Need to Be in the Lab
Brandt Braswell  
7/24/2014   47 comments
Designers can gain valuable insight by going into the lab when the first silicon comes out to evaluate the results.
Operations per Joule
Brian Bailey  
5/20/2013   45 comments
Analog computers use far less power than digital ones. They are also less accurate and less capable of producing repeatable results. Still, since they're often good enough, perhaps more attention should be paid to the analog versions.
Madonna or Moore: who are you putting on that postage stamp?
Analog Design  
9/27/2011   45 comments
Now that the US Postal Service will allow living persons on stamps, it will be interesting to see who gets the nod
Is Communications a Lost Art?
Brad Albing  
6/24/2013   45 comments
Business communications should be easy and straightforward. The easier it is, the more likely the companies involved will thrive and prosper. Does it always work that way?
Chronicles of Planet Analog Talented Authors: Sanjaya Maniktala
Steve Taranovich  
8/25/2014   44 comments
This is the first of many chronicles I will write regarding the many talented authors on Planet Analog
Measuring Up to Todayís Standards in Circuit Design
Timothy Patel  
9/22/2014   44 comments
Upcoming chat session examines circuit protection solutions for regulatory compliance in several markets.
Franken-Systems & Electronic Design
Steve Taranovich  
10/21/2014   42 comments
A Franken-system is a collection of development boards, wired together to create a very non-form-factor early prototype.
The Internet of Things Will Emerge in 2014
Steve Taranovich  
12/26/2013   42 comments
Look for more widespread coupling of various sensors with devices that monitor them. We will see more use of LANs, WANs, and cloud computing.
The Diabolical & the X-Ray
Peter Zawistowski  
8/2/2013   42 comments
How long does it take to construct a weapon that injures or kills large numbers of people fairly quickly? Probably forever if you're a doofus.
Are engineers insane?
Analog Design  
11/3/2011   42 comments
An often-cited admonition does not apply in many design and debug situations.
Accelerometers, Analog, Algorithms & the Quest for Better Bike Helmets
Analog Angle  
1/21/2014   41 comments
MEMS sensors, low-power analog and microcontrollers combine to offer drastically new approaches to long-solved design challenges.
Integrated Analog & the Visually Impaired
Blaine Bateman  
1/15/2014   41 comments
With large scale integration of analog functions, we can probably bring eyesight to the blind.
Tiny, Boring Engineering Designs Can Be Fun
Victor Lorenzo  
12/15/2014   41 comments
Sometimes we have the option to experiment and try to solve problems from a different perspective. Boring tasks can also provide us with the means to get some fun from our routine tasks.
Excel: Conditional Formatting
Aubrey Kagan  
3/12/2014   40 comments
When you right click on an Excel worksheet cell, you can change its numeric type, alignment, background color, and other properties. But did you know that you can have the cell change its format if different conditions are met?
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The utilization of electronics in medical applications could effectively enhance the quality of life of patients and prevent many cardiovascular distresses: this is confirmed by the result of an observational study, about the CPAP device
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