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Content posted in January 2014
Microsoft Excel: Tips & Tricks for Lookup Tables
Aubrey Kagan  
1/30/2014   20 comments
Excel includes lookup tables that can be accessed in an interesting number of ways. The tables Aubrey Kagan presents here are vertical, but there will always be an equivalent function in the horizontal axis.
Hidden Analog Technology at the 2014 ISSCC
Doug Grant  
1/28/2014   9 comments
The International Solid State Circuits Conference kicks off February 9. While the mass media will focus on the biggest memory, faster processor, and smallest geometries reported, I prefer to look at the analog stuff.
Universities Assist in Creating Body-Powered, Health-Monitoring Wearables
Steve Taranovich  
1/28/2014   29 comments
Wearables are considered the next big thing in technology. However, how can you create more efficient, low-power devices that don't require a battery? It's a problem several universities are looking at under a new program called Assist.
Bring Back the Analog Computer
Derek Koonce  
1/27/2014   11 comments
Analog computers were popular and useful a long time ago. With the advent of digital computing technology, it may seem like analog computers are no longer useful to the designer. You may be surprised at the many areas that analog computing can provide an advantage over the newer and more powerful digital technology.
ADC Noise: How the Clock Input Can Help
Jonathan Harris  
1/24/2014   4 comments
One of the most critical areas on an ADC that can affect performance is clock noise. Good layout and routing techniques coupled with an optional filter can do wonders in improving key specs.
How to Bring New Life to Old Hybrid Circuits
Derek Koonce  
1/24/2014   20 comments
The challenge of recreating an old hybrid is two-fold. One, finding replacement parts for the old ones. Two, how to package for low quantity production.
Accelerometers, Analog, Algorithms & the Quest for Better Bike Helmets
Analog Angle  
1/21/2014   41 comments
MEMS sensors, low-power analog and microcontrollers combine to offer drastically new approaches to long-solved design challenges.
The Ups & Downs of UPSs
Peter Zawistowski  
1/16/2014   30 comments
We continue looking at the ways to measure and evaluate the amount of energy stored in rechargeable lead-acid cells.
Integrated Analog & the Visually Impaired
Blaine Bateman  
1/15/2014   41 comments
With large scale integration of analog functions, we can probably bring eyesight to the blind.
CES & Other Venues Show New Ideas Made Possible by Integration
Steve Taranovich  
1/15/2014   16 comments
More and more analog integration is showing up in products. This year's CES highlighted quite a few.
Let's Fabricate ICs in Space
Steve Taranovich  
1/15/2014   14 comments
ICs can be manufactured in space in ways that simply can't be done on earth.
ADC Noise: More on the Analog Inputs
Jonathan Harris  
1/14/2014   5 comments
There are many ways in which noise can enter an ADC or signal distortion can occur. We look at some of these, including aliasing.
Signal Chain Basics #85: What’s the Difference Between Gain Bandwidth Product & Unity Gain Bandwidth?
Signal Chain Basics  
1/14/2014   3 comments
Understanding the difference between the parameters "gain bandwidth product" and "unity gain bandwidth" is important if you want to design stable op-amp circuits.
Baby, You Can Drive My BLDC
Brad Albing  
1/14/2014   22 comments
Controlling power to a 3-phase brushless DC motor requires care and finesse. Here's a design kit (eval board) that makes it easy.
Where the Analog Jobs Are
Brad Albing  
1/13/2014   36 comments
Jobs and where they are is always something we wonder and worry about as engineers.
CES Trends: You Can Wear Your Integrated Analog
Steve Taranovich  
1/13/2014   8 comments
Based on what we have seen at the CES, there will be good progress made in integrated analog and the Internet of Things.
Digital Cameras Succumb to Integration Pressure: Same Fate for ICs?
Analog Angle  
1/10/2014   27 comments
The low-medium end digital camera market is dying, pushed aside by the smartphone and its integrated camera. Is this trend good or a trap?
Can We Fabricate FETs From Germanium & Tin?
Brad Albing  
1/10/2014   3 comments
Researchers at imec are working on new fabrication methods to add germanium and tin layers to a silicon substrate to get a very high speed p-channel FET.
Simple or Sentient Sensors: What's Inside?
Brad Albing  
1/9/2014   3 comments
As an analog design engineer, you're used to designing sensor interface circuitry. But sometimes it's easier just to buy sensors as a complete assembly.
Excel Curve Fitting & Linearization, Part 2
Aubrey Kagan  
1/9/2014   8 comments
Excel has capabilities to do curve fitting based on collected data -- and it's far easier than doing the work by hand.
Excel Curve Fitting & Linearization, Part 1
Aubrey Kagan  
1/8/2014   26 comments
Excel has capabilities to do curve fitting based on collected data -- and it's far easier than doing the work by hand.
The Internet of Things, Gesture Recognition & Robodog ERIC
Paolo Scalisi  
1/7/2014   23 comments
Gesture recognition will be an important part of devices that are part of the Internet of Things.
Sophisticated Sensors, Extreme Conditioning, Advanced Algorithms Yield Amazing Geolocation Results
Analog Angle  
1/7/2014   6 comments
Some problems are so complex that the solution involves a carefully integrated blend of diverse techniques, plus some truly impressive work at many levels of technology and implementation.
Analog Sensors & Controllers: Should We Repair or Replace?
Derek Koonce  
1/2/2014   24 comments
As engineers, we have the ability to fix pretty much anything that breaks. And probably make it better while we're at it.

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