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Content posted in January 2015
How Instrumentation Amplifier Vcm vs. Vout Plots Change With Supply and Reference Voltage
Precision Hub  
1/30/2015   Post a comment
In this post, Iíll use the INA333 TINA-TIô Vcm vs. Vout model to show how the plot changes with supply and reference voltage for a traditional three-op-amp IA.
Signal Chain Basics (Part 97) Faster is Better: GSPS ADCs Enable Wide Bandwidth RF Digitizers
Signal Chain Basics  
1/28/2015   Post a comment
High-speed ADC technology above 1 GSPS has increased in sample rate and performance over the last five years, with new devices enabling direct sampling of the RF spectrum.
Donít Get Caught Speeding
Steve Taranovich  
1/28/2015   5 comments
My amplifier doesnít behave properly when multiplexing channels. What could be the cause?
First Superbowl Ever to be Played Under LED Lighting: A new Era in Lighting
Steve Taranovich  
1/28/2015   35 comments
Unlike the disastrous Superbowl XLVII in 2013, when the Metal Halide stadium lights went out at an inopportune moment, Ephesus LED Sports Lighting, a US-based company that manufactures high-output LED lighting solutions for challenging applications in the industrial and sporting markets, has supplied the Stadium with high performance LED stadium lights.
DAC BASICS, Part 3: Static specifications
Bonnie Baker  
1/27/2015   3 comments
Part 3 is about the static DAC specifications
The Untold Truth About Standards and Specifications
Mike Everett  
1/22/2015   55 comments
Specifications and standards are essential in the energy storage market for establishing the integrity of the purchasing and integration process. But, they seem hard to come by in this industry.
The Power of the Printed Word
Steve Taranovich  
1/20/2015   37 comments
The MIT Age Lab recently worked with Monotype Imaging in an investigation of effects of typeface on the demand of human-machine interactions during a simulated in-vehicle point-of-interest (POI) menu selection task. Their study showed that people could perform a menu selection task faster and with more accuracy depending upon the text type used as well as white text on a black background vs. the standard block text on a white background. Differences were clearly noted.
Voice, Wireless or Infrared Control?
Steve Taranovich  
1/20/2015   75 comments
One of the key themes throughout my tour of CES 2015 exhibits was the wireless of infrared control of the Smart Home. Using your Smart Phone or Tablet, exhibitors showed how you could easily control many functions in your home.
Designers Need to be Prepared for the Optical Backplane and Circuit Protection.
Steve Taranovich  
1/20/2015   2 comments
I have the unique privilege to host two very key panels at DesignCon 2015 in Santa Clara next week. Both panels will be on Thursday afternoon January 29th.
Analog Devices Design Tools: VisualAnalog Part 2
Jonathan Harris  
1/16/2015   Post a comment
First, to make any ADC operate we need to set up the input stimuli.
Kwikset Smartcode Touchscreen Deadbolt at CES 2015
Steve Taranovich  
1/16/2015   10 comments
SmartCode 916 Gives Consumers Broader Range of Electronic Lock Options; SecureScreen Feature Protects Against "Smudge" Attacks
Latchup and its prevention in CMOS
Keith Sabine  
1/14/2015   5 comments
Early CMOS processes suffered a reliability concern that became known as latchup. It resulted in circuits either malfunctioning or consuming excessive power, and could be either inherent in the design or triggered by voltage spikes on IO pads that could forward bias PN junctions they were connected to.
An AC Current Generator, Part 4
Aubrey Kagan  
1/13/2015   5 comments
In parts 1 through 3 I described the construction of the transformer we needed to generate the 10Amps AC. We still had to drive the transformer.
Analog circuit bliss can be yours, with a modest investment
Analog Angle  
1/12/2015   11 comments
You can experience the joys and depths of analog circuit design by reading some recent, and not-so-recent, books; they explore topologies, error sources, components, and will likely spark some creative thinking about solutions to real-world circuitry issues.
Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) finds new applications in the kitchen at CES 2015
Steve Taranovich  
1/12/2015   32 comments
Not much was made of a small corner of the WPC booth which had an application I had not expected, but which intrigued me--Kitchen appliances powered wirelessly via Qi in the self-tuned resonant mode.
The Peak-to-Average Ratio
Ken Coffman  
1/9/2015   8 comments
Hereís something I noticed a while back: how often our problems boil down to optimizing the peak-to-average ratio.
The Shocking Truth About Static Discharge Dangers
Tim Micun  
1/7/2015   9 comments
To safeguard consumer electronics from ESD, develop a comprehensive protection strategy.
CES 2015 Report: Bosch CEO Discusses Challenges to Future MEMS Development for the Industry
Steve Taranovich  
1/7/2015   6 comments
While roaming the halls of CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, I had the opportunity to visit with Dr. Thorsten Mueller, CEO of Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions. I asked him what challenges the MEMS industry faces going forward towards the billions of MEMS devices in the IoT. Mueller said one key area is the multitude of protocols in the smart home.
Seemingly Simple Circuits, Part 4: Current-Mode Converter Transfer Function
Dennis Feucht  
1/5/2015   6 comments
With waveform equations derived for the valley points of the inductor current, we now construct the current-loop transfer function for the converter peak-current loop, and when we do, sampling effects appear.

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