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Content posted in January 2016
The Drone Dilemma, Part 3: Air Space
Scott Deuty  
1/31/2016   9 comments
A company who creates software for guiding a drone such that it doesn’t enter restricted air space.
Unintended Consequences
Aubrey Kagan  
1/28/2016   5 comments
In South Africa the fire protection sprinkler system has a different model to the one used in North America.
It's The End Of Civilization As We Know It!! Oh, Wait... It's A Squirrel.
Paul Pickering  
1/27/2016   1 comment
One of the Doomsday scenarios that continues to fascinate is the possibility of the nation's electric grid being laid low by an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or other attack
An Isolated Potentiometer: The Analog-Actuated Potentiometer, Part 2
Dennis Feucht  
1/26/2016   1 comment
We now get to the heart of the isopot circuits: the multipliers.
The Drone Dilemma, Part 2: Legal
Scott Deuty  
1/26/2016   2 comments
There is no doubt that legal subjects intermix with privacy and air space. So the legal subject matter that is referred to herein will focus on drone registration and the development of laws and regulation. Other legal matters such as privacy and air space will be covered separately.
An Isolated Potentiometer, Part 1
Dennis Feucht  
1/22/2016   7 comments
The following isolated anapot, or isopot, design is intended as a design “template” for general application wherever a manually-actuated pot is to be replaced and actuated by an analog voltage.
Beware the unintended consequences of more-efficient design
Analog Angle  
1/21/2016   2 comments
Sometimes the urge to do good at almost any cost has real-world implications that we didn’t think about or worse, don’t care to know about.
Do Cars Have 12-V Batteries?
Analog Angle  
1/16/2016   13 comments
As times and technical realities change, the things that you unconsciously assume everyone knows just aren't that way.
ADC Digital Downconverter: A Complex Decimation Example
Jonathan Harris  
1/15/2016   6 comments
Increase the decimation ratio in the DDC to see the effects of frequency folding and translating when a higher decimation rate is employed along with frequency tuning with the NCO.
The Cradle of Aviation: Early flight on Long Island
Steve Taranovich  
1/14/2016   Post a comment
A history of flight on Long Island
New MIPI Alliance Specifications Expand the Debug Paradigm for Mobile, Mobile-Influenced Devices
Steve Taranovich  
1/12/2016   Post a comment
This article introduces the MIPI Alliance Gigabit Debug portfolio of specifications that maximizes the utility and efficiency of debug tools.
Build a high-voltage linear regulator
Steve Taranovich  
1/12/2016   13 comments
Generating a regulated voltage from input rails exceeding 100 V is challenging. A limited selection of integrated solutions complicates the problem. Creating a discrete voltage regulator enables a low-cost solution, but the design process is involved and requires a deeper understanding of key engineering tradeoffs, with an emphasis on device thermal properties.
Op amp basics: Small signal bandwidth and overall performance
Signal Chain Basics  
1/11/2016   1 comment
When selecting an op amp, one of the first specifications many engineers look for is bandwidth.
DAC BASICS, Part 6: DAC noise sources
Bonnie Baker  
1/6/2016   3 comments
In this article, we examine the resulting noise from a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) system
Analog quantum computing
Blaine Bateman  
1/5/2016   2 comments
Google "proved" the D-Wave 2 they operate jointly with NASA (mainly paid for by Google) can operate "up to ∼ 108 times faster".
PNI Sensor improves pedestrian/runner/biker tracking indoors and out at CES2016
Steve Taranovich  
1/5/2016   3 comments
Runners/bikers, take heart, PNI Sensor has given you an accurate way of tracking your distance more accurately than GPS
Analog Aficionados dinner: littleBits Electronic Project Kits
Tim McCune  
1/5/2016   Post a comment
One of my favorite parts of the annual Analog Aficionados dinners is the informal show-and-tell among designers.
“O CMRR, CMRR! Wherefore art thou CMRR?”
Gustavo Castro  
1/4/2016   2 comments
Why is the effect of common-mode signals at the output larger than the CMRR specification?

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There’s a further cool thing you can do with a spreadsheet that most SPICEs can’t. That’s to use the spreadsheet ‘solver’ functionality to adjust component values in the search for a better-fitting circuit – or even to find a set of component values for a circuit you can’t otherwise design.
Infineon MOSFETs have been embedded into PC boards by Schweizer Electronic AG
You now need to adjust component values to achieve some system goal, such as predefined frequency response or time behaviour, and there’s no closed method for working out those values.
As a member of the electronics design community, I am angry and disappointed with the recent deaths of 346 people due to the Boeing MAX 8 design
The theoretical advantages of GaN-based power transistors are now being realized in mainstream system designs. Power supplies for data centers and telecom switching racks are two application areas where GaN transistors show significant improvement in comparison to systems using best-in-class Silicon-based Superjunction devices.
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