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Content posted in November 2014
Introduction of New Generation Field-stop Shorted Anode IGBT
Richard Chung  
11/28/2014   9 comments
With the rapid progress in power electronics and semiconductors, each power electronics application has required dedicated and specialized semiconductor switching devices from a cost and performance standpoint.
Parasitics and Capacitor Selection, Part 6: Capacitance
Chris Reynolds  
11/27/2014   Post a comment
Since were now halfway through the series, its probably a good time to look at the nameplate parameter for capacitors the capacitance itself.
Bosch Sensortec at Munich Electronica 2014
Divya Thukkaram  
11/26/2014   30 comments
When I was having a chat with one of my colleagues with whom we shared the booth at Electronica, I saw a young gentleman with a companion moving our demonstration board frantically, checking the connector cable erratically to see an animated blue shark moving in synchronous with the board.
GaN & SiC Testing Needs Give Rise to a 2,500 V Power Op Amp
Steve Taranovich  
11/26/2014   33 comments
The hybrid IC is not extinct. Hybrids can be tuned to give superior specifications, especially in drift over temperature and noise that cannot be reached with a high volume monolithic device.
Interfacing to ADCs: Power Supplies, Part 6
Jonathan Harris  
11/25/2014   15 comments
In this blog well take this one step further and look at driving the ADC power supplies directly from a DC/DC converter.
Advances in Electrical & Computer Engineering: Infographic by Ohio University Grad Students
Steve Taranovich  
11/24/2014   28 comments
Our electronics industry is growing by leaps and bounds at a dizzying pace. We need to educate ourselves as engineers daily in order to keep pace with these incredible advancements on every front.
Top 8 Recent MEMS Innovations
Steve Taranovich  
11/24/2014   18 comments
At the MEMS Executive Congress I encountered some very interesting companies and their creative ideas, which will help bring MEMS to the next level.
Timing the IoT
Steve Taranovich  
11/21/2014   17 comments
How MEMS is helping drive a new generation of SoC solutions.
An Approximation to the Aliasing Effect, Part 2: Mitigation
Victor Lorenzo  
11/20/2014   9 comments
The level of noise produced by the aliasing effect during the sampling process can be reduced in two steps of the signal chain. The inclusion of the anti-aliasing filter, combined with over-sampling and decimation, are effective mitigation techniques.
Are Analog Design Tools Turning Engineers Into Simulation Jocks?
Brandt Braswell  
11/19/2014   17 comments
Over the years, the introduction of more complex tools has enabled much more capability in the circuit simulation arena. These new tools enable exploring circuit interaction to arrive at solutions to complex issues.
Noise Figure: A Review & Calculations for a SE-DE FDA
Signal Chain Basics  
11/18/2014   10 comments
Many analog engineers are familiar with noise, but not necessarily NF, which typically helps quantify a receiver's sensitivity performance.
Digital Power Conversion Enables Wideband & Advanced Topologies
Steve Taranovich  
11/17/2014   Post a comment
Here's our third tutorial tech basic blog to stimulate your questions for our chat session Wednesday, Nov. 19.
Precision Control & High Resolution
Steve Taranovich  
11/14/2014   5 comments
In advance of our chat session on Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. EST, here is our second tutorial tech basic blog; a final one will post on Nov. 17 in order to stimulate your questions for our chat.
What Is Digital Power?
Steve Taranovich  
11/13/2014   54 comments
In advance of our chat session on Wednesday, Nov. 19, at 1:00 p.m. EST, we will present three introductory tech blogs on Digital Power.
The Engineering Desk-to-Bench Ratio
Dennis Feucht  
11/12/2014   14 comments
When I was at Tektronix, the desk and bench were two sides of the same U-bench, thus uniting the two kinds of activities into an integrated environment.
Navigating Without GPS Requires Advanced Sensors, Intensive Analog
Analog Angle  
11/11/2014   39 comments
When GPS isn't there, you need an alternative. Radical approaches are now being pursued to provide precise inertial navigation in very small, light, low-power packages.
Is 400V DC the New 48V DC Replacement?
Steve Taranovich  
11/10/2014   16 comments
In response to the increasing interest in 400 V within their industries, datacenter and telecom leaders demonstrated a 400 V DC ecosystem during Intelec, Sept. 28 to Oct. 2, in Vancouver.
Standardizing the Internet of Things: Why Our Money Is on Bluetooth Smart
Radek Tadajewski  
11/7/2014   74 comments
According to Gartner, by 2022 the average consumer will have more than 500 connected Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets in their homes, and PWC has predicted that the IoT market will be a multi-trillion dollar industry by then.
Poor Cell Voice Quality is Largely Not Analog's 'Fault'
Analog Angle  
11/7/2014   12 comments
The assumption is that audio-signal deterioration is almost always an analog problem, but a careful analysis of a wireless phone link shows this is not the case.
Seemingly Simple Circuits, Part 4: Diff-Amp Common-Mode Rejection
Dennis Feucht  
11/5/2014   Post a comment
The two inputs of a diff-amp can either be considered independent or be combined as differential and common-mode quantities.
Choosing Analog ICs
Steve Taranovich  
11/4/2014   23 comments
Overspecifying -- or calling for arcane and generally unknown devices -- can complicate the selection process and increase the cost of ICs and discrete transistors. You should never demand hard-to-find parts or unnecessary parameters.
Q&As Say the Most Basic How-to-Dos Remain Elusive, Part 2
Vincent Biancomano  
11/4/2014   Post a comment
Ever expanding engineering curricula have future engineers racing through all the technologies in the classroom but may not leave them much time for learning how to apply them at ground level.
Q&As Say the Most Basic How-to-Dos Remain Elusive, Part 1
Vincent Biancomano  
11/4/2014   Post a comment
Ever-expanding engineering curricula have future engineers racing through all the technologies in the classroom but may not leave them much time for learning how to apply them at the ground level.
Ken Coffman  
11/3/2014   31 comments
I intend this blog to cover dryer, technical subjects, but again, lets chat about another hot topic thats on my mind: innovation.
MegaChips Acquires SiTime: Another Boost for IoT & Good for Analog
Steve Taranovich  
11/3/2014   9 comments
MegaChips is a Japan-based fabless semiconductor company that has the foresight to value the Internet of Things market as a huge opportunity coming faster than most people think.

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