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Content posted in November 2017
Can the Right Diagrams Enhance STEM Engagement?
Analog Angle  
11/30/2017   2 comments
Product teardowns are important, but when accompanied by diagrams they provide far deeper insight and interest among prospective engineers.
Engineering Home-Schooling
Dennis Feucht  
11/27/2017   2 comments
Is the ordinary college education the best route to become an engineer?
Load Regulation Measurement Coding in Python
Jonathan Harris  
11/26/2017   2 comments
In the spirit of continual learning and, as a follow on to my previous blog, I thought I would continue discussing coding for measurements by providing an overview of my Python script for load regulation.
Rarely Asked Questions-Issue 147: Synchronous Rectification on the Secondary Side
Frederik Dostal  
11/20/2017   Post a comment
How can I increase the efficiency of my isolated power supply?
High-frequency synchronization with multiple devices
Signal Chain Basics  
11/18/2017   1 comment
Some applications require the production of multiple clocks with a synchronous, adjustable phase. Many single-chip semiconductor solutions can accomplish this for low frequency applications
Rarely Asked Questions-Issue 146: Why Is My Processor Leaking Power? That Sounds Like an Open-Ended Question
Abhinay Patil  
11/18/2017   Post a comment
I can recall an instance when a customer walked into my office with his processor board that he said was consuming too much power and draining the battery—and since we proudly claimed that processor to be an ultra-low power one, the onus was on us to prove it.
Smart Mobility: Electronics technology applied to smart mobility with low impact to the environment, Part 8
Busy Blogger  
11/18/2017   Post a comment
The smart mobility approach is based on the automatization of the driving process by means of sensors that monitor the environment surrounding a vehicle.
Time to say goodbye to Schottky diodes?
Wolfgang Kemper  
11/14/2017   Post a comment
The main complaint about Schottky Diodes is their relatively high leakage current.
Rocket Science equations Slideshow: A math/physics lesson
Steve Taranovich  
11/14/2017   2 comments
Rocket science equations and explanations
Case Study: Medical Laser System; Part 2: Photodiode Amplifier
Dennis Feucht  
11/13/2017   2 comments
The redesign goal was to make the original PDA design less noisy, simpler, less costly, and extended at the low end of the linear dynamic range to zero volts.
How Sensors are Advancing Electronics Technology, Part 2: Sensor Intelligence
Scott Deuty  
11/13/2017   Post a comment
Sensor intelligence ranges from simple voltage signals or resistance changes all the way up to sophisticated modules that integrate the sensor along with control and communication functions
Corralling switch and sensor inputs in industrial applications
Atul Patel  
11/8/2017   1 comment
Over the years, industrial system designers have developed numerous engineering solutions for monitoring inputs from switches, sensors and buttons that are robust enough for harsh industrial operating environments.
Smart Energy Harvesting: A new method for Electronics, Part 1
Busy Blogger  
11/6/2017   Post a comment
Users also want a longer time elapsed from one charge to the next.
Case Study: Medical Laser System; Part 1: Stabilizing a Laser Feedback Control Loop
Dennis Feucht  
11/6/2017   2 comments
A medical laser company was having some technical problems with their NdYAG (neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet) laser development.
Did you forget to take your medicine?
Steve Taranovich  
11/5/2017   1 comment
In this blog, I want to highlight a seemingly impossible design problem that Cactus Semiconductor took on with an electronic solution that will save and improve countless lives

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Recently, AEye, was demonstrating their LiDAR system at CES in Las Vegas. A man using his new $1,198 Sony camera found that his photographs were damaged after he took pictures of AEye’s LiDAR LASER scanning system
The e-car basic concept is represented by the role of the electronics technology in making the car more comfortable, safe and effectively interacting with the driver. The first characteristic, comfort, is nowadays being dramatically enhanced by the new solution known as Road Noise Control (acronym: RNC) that has been introduced by BOSE during the CES 2019 in Las Vegas
Early microcontrollers had fixed I/O. It may have been possible to connect one of several internal peripherals to the I/O pins, but those pins were restricted and there was never an option of conditioning those outputs
In the not too distant past, if you were seen holding a conversation with a household appliance, you might have run the risk of being committed.
The voltage regulator is a very important part of the power management and the placement of voltage regulator plays an important role in improving the performance.
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