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Content posted in December 2014
MIPI Creates the I3C Sensor Interface
Steve Taranovich  
12/31/2014   13 comments
I recently spoke to Ken Foust from Intel regarding his being the chair of the MIPI Sensor Working Group and the important standards work they are doing there. I also had a conversation with Peter Lefkin, the Managing Director of the MIPI Alliance about I3C.
EMI Noise, Part 3: Considerations for Automotive Applications
Edgardo Menendez  
12/31/2014   8 comments
EMI filtering and transient voltage suppression are two key elements of automotive electronic design. Critical systems in road vehicles must function reliably at all times to ensure driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety.
Design for a Radio-Controlled Car
John Teel  
12/30/2014   59 comments
Radio-controlled toys helped drive me toward a career in electronics engineering.
An AC Current Generator, Part 3
Aubrey Kagan  
12/26/2014   10 comments
Part 3 of AC Current Generator blog
Seemingly Simple Circuits, Part 3: Converter Waveforms
Dennis Feucht  
12/23/2014   2 comments
The sampling behavior within the feedback loop of a peak-current-loop converter can be discovered by way of its inductor current waveform, the central waveform of the converter.
Apple Watch Illustrates the Battery Life Challenge for Wearable Technology
Steve Taranovich  
12/22/2014   126 comments
There are three basic ways to address battery life for a given device: choose a more advanced battery technology, improve charging, or increase efficiency. Let’s have a look at each approach as it relates to the Apple Watch.
The Big Lie About LEDs
Scott Elder  
12/22/2014   51 comments
The world has been told that LEDs are the future, in part because they are economically the right form of long-term lighting and there are environmental benefits as a great aside. Well, maybe the environmental argument is true, but the economical one is not.
Smart Life: The Intelligence of Electronics Improving Our Lives, Part 1
Paolo Scalisi  
12/22/2014   60 comments
Electronic systems can really improve the quality level of our lives. This is the basic idea behind the effort of many big companies in the microelectronics sector in creating smart solutions for a better life.
It Was a Dark & Stormy Night (Because Someone Neglected Circuit Protection)
Timothy Patel  
12/22/2014   14 comments
LEDs are replacing legacy street lighting technologies but demand protection to ensure ROI.
Analog Devices Design Tools: VisualAnalog
Jonathan Harris  
12/19/2014   4 comments
We begin this series of blogs by taking a look at ADIsimADC, which is a quite relevant design tool for Jonathan Harris, an applications engineer in ADI's high-speed ADC group.
Seemingly Simple Circuits, Part 2: Linearizing the PWM-Switch
Dennis Feucht  
12/17/2014   4 comments
The power stage of switching converters can be modeled essentially as a PWM-switch. A switch seems to be far from the kind of circuit element that can be linearized, but it can be. This Part 2 develops a linear model of the PWM-switch
The 4 Most Stressful Days for an Analog IC Designer
Scott Elder  
12/17/2014   7 comments
After countless years designing analog ICs, Scott Elder still stresses out on four key days during a product development cycle.
What’s Driving Interest for Supercapacitors?
Steve Taranovich  
12/16/2014   93 comments
Chances are you’ve heard mention of supercapacitors if you haven’t yet implemented them in a system design. That’s because when components experience a 30% compound annual growth rate, it is usually driven by game-changing advantages.
Tiny, Boring Engineering Designs Can Be Fun
Victor Lorenzo  
12/15/2014   41 comments
Sometimes we have the option to experiment and try to solve problems from a different perspective. Boring tasks can also provide us with the means to get some fun from our routine tasks.
Undersampling: Applications & Techniques With SAR ADCs, Part 2
Ryan Curran  
12/12/2014   3 comments
Running a SAR ADC at a slower throughput can be very advantageous. By providing more time between conversions, the system filter requirements are relaxed, providing more time to acquire the input signal and to retrieve data from the ADC.
Undersampling: Applications & Techniques With SAR ADCs, Part 1
Ryan Curran  
12/12/2014   9 comments
Traditionally, undersampling is utilized in communication applications where a range of non-baseband signals sitting above the nyquist frequency are desired to be sampled. The bandwidth of these signals is less than the nyquist rate of the sampling system.
An AC Current Generator, Part 2
Aubrey Kagan  
12/11/2014   3 comments
When testing, a 10 amp AC current is fed into the module being tested (DUT) and the current is measured across a 25 mΩ shunt internal to the DUT.
Seemingly Simple Circuits, Part 1: The Current-Mode Switching Converter
Dennis Feucht  
12/10/2014   12 comments
The current-mode or peak-current-regulating switching converter is a familiar, almost dominant power supply circuit. Yet it is one of the most complicated "simple" circuits around.
When Bad Things Happen to Good Automotive Electronics Circuits
James Colby  
12/9/2014   15 comments
Circuit protection technologies safeguard automotive electronics from damaging load dump.
The STEM of All Evil
Ken Coffman  
12/9/2014   17 comments
One thing very gratifying over the last few years is the rise of the MAKE meme: Experimenters and hobbyists are back in fashion with our youth.
Slideshow: The Top 12 Innovative Power System Technologies From EPRI
Steve Taranovich  
12/8/2014   9 comments
EPRI published a list of Innovative Power System Technologies, and I have chosen what I think are the top 12 related to electrical/electronics innovations.
Signal Chain Basics (Part 96): Active Loop Filter Designs
Signal Chain Basics  
12/5/2014   2 comments
At the heart of a clocking device is the phased-locked loop (PLL).
EDA Tools Should Be Free
Scott Elder  
12/4/2014   5 comments
The evolution of technology is being hindered by the lack of high-end tool access. Most innovation originates from small organizations with little or no money to pursue their visions.
It’s a Dirty Job, but Some Sensors Can Do It
Steve Taranovich  
12/3/2014   5 comments
I recently toured Freescale’s IoT truck demo at its Tempe facility. There were more than 120 new working demos on display. Here is one of many that I will highlight in the next few days.
How to Leverage Enabling Chip Technologies for MIMDs
Andrew Kelly  
12/3/2014   4 comments
Enabling chip technologies for miniature implantable medical devices include chip-scale packaging, solid-state batteries, micro-electromechanical systems, and application-specific integrated circuits.
Do Electric Vehicle Batteries on the Grid Make Sense?
Mike Everett  
12/3/2014   4 comments
Almost everybody will agree that the power grid is undergoing radical rethinking and re-engineering.
An AC Current Generator, Part 1
Aubrey Kagan  
12/1/2014   9 comments
I wrote an article on this topic in 2000 that was published on Circuit Cellar Online. I believe that the basic information that I wrote about is still relevant and so I am rewriting the article as a blog.

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There’s a further cool thing you can do with a spreadsheet that most SPICEs can’t. That’s to use the spreadsheet ‘solver’ functionality to adjust component values in the search for a better-fitting circuit – or even to find a set of component values for a circuit you can’t otherwise design.
Infineon MOSFETs have been embedded into PC boards by Schweizer Electronic AG
You now need to adjust component values to achieve some system goal, such as predefined frequency response or time behaviour, and there’s no closed method for working out those values.
As a member of the electronics design community, I am angry and disappointed with the recent deaths of 346 people due to the Boeing MAX 8 design
The theoretical advantages of GaN-based power transistors are now being realized in mainstream system designs. Power supplies for data centers and telecom switching racks are two application areas where GaN transistors show significant improvement in comparison to systems using best-in-class Silicon-based Superjunction devices.
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