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Content posted in February 2014
ADC Noise: The Clock Input & Phase Noise (Jitter), Part 2
Jonathan Harris  
2/27/2014   7 comments
In Part 1, our blogger looked at how many clocking products specify the phase noise of the device but don't specify jitter. In the second part, he offers a real-life example.
Failures in Aerospace Applications, Part 1
Paolo Scalisi  
2/26/2014   34 comments
Integrated analog IC are routinely used in aerospace design, but radiation can cause problems. Our blogger takes a in-depth look.
Design Review Boredom: Is There an Alternative?
Brandt Braswell  
2/25/2014   38 comments
The problem with design reviews is that they can be boring. Is there a way to cure that boredom? Our blogger has some ideas.
Parasitics & Capacitor Selection, Part 1B: Leakage
Chris Reynolds  
2/24/2014   9 comments
Parasitics often play a greater role in determining the suitability of a capacitor for a given application than the actual capacitance value of the part itself. In Part 1b of this series, we'll cover DCL limits, voltage and temperature effects, and takeaways for design and process engineers.
Parasitics & Capacitor Selection, Part 1A: Leakage
Chris Reynolds  
2/24/2014   3 comments
Parasitics often play a greater role in determining the suitability of a capacitor for a given application than the actual capacitance value of the part itself. Part 1a of this series covers dielectrics, DCL, and capacitor types.
Environmental Sensors Moving to Widespread Adoption in Consumer Products
Steve Barraclough  
2/24/2014   19 comments
Environmental sensor technology enables a new line of thinking for established use cases. In addition to cost and size, from a sensor perspective, what is needed is a step up in performance in terms of accuracy and response times.
Neuronics: Distributed-Memory Addressing, Part 1
Dennis Feucht  
2/21/2014   3 comments
We will examine how to address ordinary digital memory CMAC style.
Design Challenge: Assisted GPS to Improve Spatial Resolution Through Cell Triangulation
Steve Taranovich  
2/19/2014   19 comments
The following is Planet Analog's first in a series of Design Challenges. This one was sent to me by a reader/design team interested in using GPS in a particular application.
Invest in a Simulator
Analog Angle  
2/18/2014   70 comments
A simple hardware instrument can be a big help when designing circuits for transducer and analog I/O -- if you know what to look for.
ADC Noise: The Clock Input & Phase Noise (Jitter), Part 1
Jonathan Harris  
2/18/2014   5 comments
Many clocking products specify the phase noise of the device but don't specify jitter. Let's take a look at how we can go from phase noise to jitter.
Integration Nation Now Fully Integrated With Planet Analog
Patrick Mannion  
2/14/2014   10 comments
Please check out the changes coming to Planet Analog and Integration Nation.
Autonomous Vehicles Made Possible by Integrated Electronics
Steve Taranovich  
2/11/2014   112 comments
Ever more electronics technology is being integrated into luxury automobiles such as automated parking, and soon pedestrian protection will be integrated based on a stereo video camera.
Planet Analog 'Ask the Experts' Monthly Technical Sessions
Steve Taranovich  
2/10/2014   32 comments
I will be changing a number of things at Planet Analog. One of the first new (but not so new) additions will be to have more tutorial/educational tech blogs. A brand new addition will be the monthly "Ask the experts" session in which we will have a panel of the best experts in the industry for each topic.
Signal Chain Basics #86: Fundamentals of Temp Sensors
Signal Chain Basics  
2/10/2014   10 comments
How does a silicon temperature (temp) sensor IC actually measure temperature? Temp sensor ICs are very simple to use and work on very fundamental principles. Taking these principles into account allows a designer to achieve the most accurate result possible.
Your Radiography AFE Killed My Light-box Business
Analog Angle  
2/7/2014   9 comments
The many advantages of digital X-rays compared to long-established film technology are proving nearly irresistible, as costs come down while image quality increasingly meets medical standards.
RFID & NFC Enabling Solutions: a Closer Look
Victor Lorenzo  
2/7/2014   83 comments
RFID and NFC are becoming more and more popular every day. As now mature standards, RFID & NFC are also becoming enabling technologies for adding wireless access in smart metering and other applications.
What Can Basic RLC Sensing Tell You?
Analog Angle  
2/6/2014   1 comment
We are so comfortable with leading edge, advanced instrumentation and associated measurements that we can easily overlook what fundamentals such as resistance, inductance, and capacitance readings.
Envelope Tracking/DPD Designs Need Good Test & Analysis Tools
Steve Taranovich  
2/6/2014   10 comments
I remember the days when it took a rack of equipment to adequately test ET and DPD performance on a PA. Now the compact modules fit into a system the size of most bench-top power supplies or the old RF power meters I used at General Microwave in the 80s.
At 2014 ISSCC, a Place for Good-Old, Real Analog
Doug Grant  
2/5/2014   1 comment
If your interest is less in applications of analog technology than other problems, and you want to find out what’s happening in real analog, here's where you should be.
Making Batteries Better With Ultracapacitors
Mike Everett  
2/5/2014   7 comments
The best energy storage solution may not be exclusively one solution. Here’s why ultracapacitors and batteries together can solve the problems facing society in the field of energy storage.
Integrated Analog: What’s Missing?
Didier Juges  
2/4/2014   3 comments
The analog world is still largely plowing into the micron domain, while digital is at the deep sub-micron level. Yet, there have been several revolutions in analog functionality since the advent of the digital age.
Integrated Analog at the 2014 ISSCC
Doug Grant  
2/3/2014   6 comments
When it comes to this month’s ISSCC show, there are plenty of sections dedicated to solving issues with integrated analog technology. Here, our blogger looks at the sessions that offer new insight to difficult problems.
Is Noise Always Unwanted?
Victor Lorenzo  
2/3/2014   8 comments
Noise is almost invariably seen as an unwanted signal, but sometimes things can be different. Noise can eventually be the signal of interest.

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