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Content posted in February 2018
Dynamic Use of the Disable Pin on an Amplifier
Steve Taranovich  
2/28/2018   2 comments
Some operational amplifiers have disable pins and when used correctly, they can yield up to 99% power savings without compromising accuracy. The disable pin is primarily used in static operation (standby mode).
Relays and Solenoids: Electromechanical Devices
Scott Deuty  
2/27/2018   3 comments
This blog is an introduction to relays and solenoids for the beginner with a few stories about the experiences Iíve had with each.
The e-car: Electronics technology applied to sustainable mobility, Part 4
Busy Blogger  
2/23/2018   3 comments
One of the most important parameters of an electric car is the efficiency of the power conversion process, a parameter that measures how efficient is the process of utilization of electric energy in the electrical system, which in turn allows zero-emission driving
Signal Chain Basics #133: Designing summing active filters
Signal Chain Basics  
2/22/2018   1 comment
In this article, Iíll describe a few easy steps that will convert any Sallen-Key (SK) or multiple feedback (MFB) active filter from a single-input filter to a summing active filter that gives the same response without difficult calculations or analysis
Total Ionizing Dose (TID) Effects with High Speed ADCs
Jonathan Harris  
2/22/2018   Post a comment
Looking at TID effects
Current Output Current Sense Improves Remote Accuracy
Jerry Steele  
2/22/2018   2 comments
In applications where the readout boards are remotely located, a voltage output current sense amplifier can be converted to a precision current output
Engineering a better world: National Engineers Week
Steve Taranovich  
2/19/2018   Post a comment
We, as engineers, need to spread the word that the world needs more of us.
NASA Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE)
Steve Taranovich  
2/17/2018   2 comments
Recently, an amateur astronomer, Scott Tilley in Roberts Creek, British Columbia, amazingly found NASAís IMAGE spacecraft more than 12 years after it went dark.
Autonomous Vehicles in Transportation, Part 3: Industry Players
Scott Deuty  
2/17/2018   2 comments
The days of emerging car companies have returned due mostly to innovation with companies such as Tesla and Bandu.
The e-car: Electronics technology applied to sustainable mobility, Part 3
Busy Blogger  
2/17/2018   Post a comment
Electronics technology is contributing heavily to the automotive industry with ICs for the DC-DC conversion utilized in the creation of voltages suitable for the central processor to enable actuators and to process the signals coming from the electronic sensors.
Units, Pseudo-Units, Scaling Factors, and Units Conversion
Dennis Feucht  
2/16/2018   2 comments
The additional connection between numbers and the physical world is achieved through the use of units
Radically Rethinking Antennas
Analog Angle  
2/16/2018   1 comment
Antennas have come a very long way from the classic metal-element versions; are you ready for their next phases?
Autonomous Vehicles in Transportation, Part 2: The Government's Involved
Scott Deuty  
2/9/2018   3 comments
Autonomous vehicle operation has no choice other than to have government involvement.
The e-car: Electronics technology applied to sustainable mobility, Part 2
Busy Blogger  
2/9/2018   1 comment
The electric car is going to become a widely adopted solution that guarantees a sustainable mobility with zero harmful emissions that are dangerous, especially for urban environments; this is pollution that its citizens breathe
We become what we behold
Publisher's Perspective  
2/8/2018   2 comments
In this first column of 2018, the publisher of ASPENCORE reflects on our journey the last three years and glimpses ASPENCOREís future
Include the op amp gain bandwidth product in the Rauch low-pass active filter performance equations
Michael Steffes  
2/8/2018   Post a comment
Include the op amp gain bandwidth product in the Rauch low-pass active filter performance equations
Low Side RDS(on) Current Sensing
Jerry Steele  
2/5/2018   Post a comment
Motor drive applications with totem pole outputs often only need to sense current in the low side switch(es) of their phase(s). Including a shunt and an amplifier is a simple and obvious solution, and is really preferred if high accuracy is the objective
High-Efficiency Analog Amplifiers, Part 3: Optimal Parallel-Segmented Voltages
Dennis Feucht  
2/5/2018   Post a comment
Optimal parallel-segment amplifier voltages are derived so that for either resistive or constant-current loads, the power dissipation in the parallel transistors is the same.
Top 10 most helpful engineering books for 2017
Steve Taranovich  
2/2/2018   Post a comment
The following ten books from 2017 are some of the best that I have found to be very educational and timely for engineers.

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The utilization of electronics in medical applications could effectively enhance the quality of life of patients and prevent many cardiovascular distresses: this is confirmed by the result of an observational study, about the CPAP device
This blog series deals with the potential of the utilization of smart electronic ICs in medical care applications; these ICs are produced by companies in the field of semiconductors such as STMicroelectronics which has a broad portfolio of ICs for medical applications
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Medical care applications with electronic devices are becoming progressively more important and massively adopted.
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