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Content posted in February 2019
The smart wallet: A new solution for spending crypto funds via smart electronic devices
Busy Blogger  
2/27/2019   1 comment
The smart wallet is a device able to give access to crypto funds by managing the electronic currency in a safe mode.
Enablement of Batteryless Applications with Wireless Power
Steve Taranovich  
2/27/2019   1 comment
My application doesn’t have a battery. Is it possible to power it wirelessly?
Alias, damned alias and statistics
The Filter Wizard Remastered  
2/26/2019   1 comment
Every so often someone publishes an article discussing aliasing. I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon – you know, that one in the movies whose wheels seem to be rotating the wrong way. Is aliasing a problem?
Old vs. New Transistor Radio Exemplifies Advances
Analog Angle  
2/25/2019   1 comment
This old-time, multi-transistor Sony TFM-6100W AM/FM radio may be an antique, but it provides a frame of reference to show how far radio technology and products have come in a few decades.
Automatically balance Supercapacitor leakage in 12V systems
Steve Taranovich  
2/25/2019   4 comments
Robert Chao, president and founder of ALD Inc. just engineered and introduced a board that enables leakage current balancing for 12-volt systems used in automotive, gap power and remote monitoring applications.
Who, what and why?
The Filter Wizard Remastered  
2/25/2019   3 comments
Welcome to Filter Wizard Remastered – Kendall’s world of signals and circuit stuff! There’s lots to talk about across many different domains and disciplines, and also the chance to lighten up your daily grind a little.
Will Cars Soon Need Their Own ECM?
Analog Angle  
2/25/2019   1 comment
Cars are incorporating radar and other external-facing signal, and may soon have intervehicle data links; they may soon be the victims of deliberate jamming, thus requiring electronic countermeasures.
Nikola Tesla: EDN and Planet Analog's best articles
Steve Taranovich  
2/19/2019   2 comments
Nikola Tesla was an extraordinary, but very eccentric inventor. His rivalries with Thomas Edison are famous. He died more than 75 years ago, but his discoveries and ideas have helped shape modern electricity, including Wireless Power
The e-car: Electronics technology applied to sustainable mobility, Part 13
Busy Blogger  
2/19/2019   1 comment
The e-car concept is progressively developing through the massive utilization of electronics solutions inside the car which is making driving safer, more comfortable and highly interactive with the driver.
Isabellenhutte reduces contact resistance and heat development with ISA-CON 450
Steve Taranovich  
2/14/2019   1 comment
Copper alloy for fasteners with better thermal conductivity and lower electrical resistance than Stainless Steel
Planet Analog's top reader picks in the last six years
Steve Taranovich  
2/12/2019   Post a comment
Let’s go back a few years and see the top ten tech blogs that Planet Analog readers liked best
Smart baggage: A new electronic solution to track your baggage
Busy Blogger  
2/12/2019   2 comments
Recently, a new introduction has been proposed by the Piquadro Company which presents the Black Square, a new collection of baggage that can be easily tracked by means of electronics technology
Proton irradiation to enhance or degrade semiconductor performance
Steve Taranovich  
2/11/2019   1 comment
I was not aware of was the technique of doping semiconductors using radiation defects that are produced by irradiation with protons and alpha particles.
Simulate Your PTC Circuit Protection for Free with LTspice
Alain Stas  
2/4/2019   1 comment
Whatever your applications design(s) — digital multimeter, oscilloscope, on-board charger (OBC), plug-in battery for hybrid or electric vehicles, power supply for a motor drives, etc. — it needs to include overcurrent protection.
Stability Issues for High Speed Amplifiers: Introductory Background and Improved Analysis, Insight #5
The Signal Sped Up  
2/3/2019   1 comment
Probably no single issue faces more high-speed signal path designers (and supplier support teams) than the risk of instability in higher speed op amps and fully differential amplifiers (FDA).
Integrated RF-sampling transceivers enable fast frequency hopping, multiband and multimode operation
Signal Chain Basics  
2/2/2019   Post a comment
The latest direct radio frequency (RF)-sampling transceivers provide a number of powerful capabilities that enable advanced system features like multiband and multimode operation, as well as frequency translation and fast frequency hopping.

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