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Content posted in April 2019
Optimizing your overcurrent detection to meet system requirements
Dan Harmon  
4/30/2019   Post a comment
In this article, I will discuss how to translate system accuracy requirements into implementation parameters
The e-health program: A new approach to health care, by utilizing electronic technology, Part 8
Busy Blogger  
4/29/2019   5 comments
By utilizing the progress of electronics technology, we might deeply enhance the potential benefits of a type of interactive and smart approach, especially in the case of large companies in the field of microelectronics investing in the creation a portfolio of wearable/implantable devices for medical applications
When Your Project Ends Up on the Scrap Heap
Analog Angle  
4/29/2019   3 comments
It has to hurt when your released product is cancelled and goes into the dumpster, but should it?
Can Analog's Reality Chill Today's Mega-Hype?
Analog Angle  
4/29/2019   Post a comment
The “down to earth” world of analog components and functions is a reality-based counterweight to the relentless. overhyped views of the direction and impact of technology advances.
11 things you need to know about resistors in pulse load applications
Annika Elsen  
4/24/2019   2 comments
It’s an unfortunate fact that a resistor can fail under pulse loads. When pulse power is dissipated to the device’s resistive element, it generates heat and increases the resistor’s temperature.
Surgical revolution: Robotics
Steve Taranovich  
4/24/2019   Post a comment
Surgical Robotic Systems are no longer a science fiction idea. These kind of systems, although still in their infancy, are able to enhance a human surgeon’s talent with more accurate and less invasive techniques.
Circuits for RF Energy Harvesting
Addressing the future of power supplies by Energy Harvesting  
4/23/2019   1 comment
The ever-increasing use of wireless devices, such as mobile phones, computing, and remote sensing systems, have led to increased demand and dependence on the use of batteries.
PCB design for EMI in three easy steps
Martin Rowe  
4/22/2019   Post a comment
A three-part series of articles explains how to minimize interference through proper PCB design and layout.
Preventing voltage fluctuations due to power supply lines
Frederik Dostal  
4/22/2019   Post a comment
In such things as laboratory power supplies or electronic systems, in which various components are connected to longer cables, the regulated voltage is not always particularly accurate at the point where it is needed due to various voltage drops across the interconnection lines.
How to Shrink Your USB Type-C Battery Charger
Nazzareno (Reno) Rossetti  
4/18/2019   Post a comment
There area plethora of USB Type-C articles out there, but this is the first one I have seen with a really neat design architecture to shrink the board footprint with a high level of integration.
Fainting in Coils
The Filter Wizard Remastered  
4/18/2019   Post a comment
The required selectivity of a customer design implied four-pole filters with about 10% bandwidth (passband width about 10% of the centre frequency). There was a catch---a tight power budget
The e-health program: A new approach to health care, by utilizing electronic technology, Part 6
Busy Blogger  
4/18/2019   Post a comment
Monitoring the heart rate or blood pressure in order to enhance the quality of their life, this is known as Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
Wishful Thinking
Aubrey Kagan  
4/17/2019   1 comment

As we deal with the vagaries of life and work, occasionally we come up with an idea to improve the process. If the idea is big enough or the inventor has entrepreneurial leanings there may be an attempt to commercialise the product/process. Sometimes pie-in-the-sky ideas seem too small and are left in a corner of the mind, only to reappear as someone else’s brilliant idea.

Recent 2019 updates in V2X technology
Steve Taranovich  
4/14/2019   Post a comment
In this article, I will examine some of the latest efforts in V2X technology
Countdown to s-to-z...
The Filter Wizard Remastered  
4/12/2019   Post a comment
Now, our customer doesn’t want to buy big, expensive, high quality capacitors to build an active filter with this response. So, having established the principle of optimizing in the analogue domain, let’s look at whether need to make any changes in order to use it to create a digital filter – which we’ll be able to implement on the Cypress PSoC 3
An Excelent fit, Sir!
The Filter Wizard Remastered  
4/12/2019   Post a comment
This is the first of two columns showing a simple technique for designing, optimizing and implementing a response-equalizing filter. The second part will look at implementing it on a device such as PSoC3; this part is about the design process.
A new era in Space Electronics
Steve Taranovich  
4/11/2019   5 comments
The development of reusable rockets is lowering barriers to both scientific and commercial exploration of space, stimulating increasing interest and investment in space electronics.
FCC rule said to grow amateur radio and benefit engineers
Steve Taranovich  
4/10/2019   Post a comment
Just recently, Professor Rappaport filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission and members of Congress.
GaN enhancement for 48V DC/DC power conversion in servers and automotive
Steve Taranovich  
4/10/2019   Post a comment
GaN power transistors MUST be a part of these kinds of 48V architectures; from my point-of-view there is no better alternative.
Scalable, Intuitive Power Sequencing System Accelerates Design and Debug
Navdeep Singh Dhanjal  
4/8/2019   Post a comment
A design solution for a large number of rails, such as five sequencers, each with 16 voltages, giving 80 rails. Manually configuring 80 rails using a GUI is time consuming and prone to human error.
Stability Issues and Resolutions for High Speed Current Feedback Op Amps, Insight #7
The Signal Sped Up  
4/7/2019   Post a comment
Here, an updated Loop Gain (LG) simulation approach will be first detailed and then used to show paths into, and out of, low Phase Margin (PM) conditions for a current feedback amplifier.
One giant squeak for Mankind
The Filter Wizard Remastered  
4/3/2019   4 comments
Anniversaries, eh? Today, easy access to historical information on the web makes every date significant for some reason. The first Moon landing occurred on July 20, 1969

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