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Content posted in May 2015
Is the Ultracapacitor a Replacement for Batteries?
Mike Everett  
5/29/2015   5 comments
Many engineers want to know if ultracapacitors will ultimately replace all batteries. The answer is, no. A typical follow-up question is, “Will the ultracapacitor replace some batteries?” and here the answer is, “yes.” While this may not seem like a revelation, the significance is in the manner ultracapacitors will replace some batteries.
When Developing New Silicon IP, Is First Pass Success Possible? Part 2
Brandt Braswell  
5/29/2015   Post a comment
In my last posting {doclink 563908} , I covered several questions for reaching first pass success. In this series, to reach first pass success there are some questions you can ask yourself as a team and get answers to before you move too far along the design path and need to make painful adjustments later down the road that cost money, area, and time. Having said this what else could you review as a design lead with your team or a manger developing a new product.
Do your duty when you duty-cycle
Kendall Castor-Perry  
5/29/2015   2 comments
They say that power corrupts. I don’t know about that; maybe I’ll let you know when I actually have some. But one thing I have found in electronic system design is that the search for low power corrupts. Corrupts signals, that is. And the scary part is that the people doing the searching often don’t realize it.
The Rise Of The Machines.... Ornithopters, Bugbots And Such
Paul Pickering  
5/29/2015   Post a comment
In the course of researching another piece, I came across a picture of a solder hand-launching an RQ-11 drone sorry, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in an article on military connectors. The text mentioned that researchers are working on exploiting an idea from Mother Nature- flapping wings - to develop a Micro AV (MAV) that looks more like a bird, thereby achieving a degree of camouflage.
Surely You Jest…
Ken Coffman  
5/27/2015   2 comments
What role did the jester play in history?
Thank you Albert Einstein for GPS
John Teel  
5/27/2015   8 comments
I’m a huge fan of Albert Einstein. As many physicists will agree his theories are the most pure expression of genius in the history of humankind.
Can Analog Circuits Inspire Budding Engineers?
Analog Angle  
5/26/2015   2 comments
It's a misconception to think that electrical engineering is mostly about doing software, but exposure to basic, analog circuits can change that misconception and become entry to the world of real signals.
Internet of Things Creating Opportunity Bubble for Analog
Blaine Bateman  
5/24/2015   4 comments
I've written before about the impact the Internet of Things (IoT) will have on electronics sales including the special role played by analog devices in IoT.
IMS2015 – Day 3: The Final and Shortest Day
Jonathan Harris  
5/22/2015   Post a comment
The last and final day of the show is usually has the most relaxed atmosphere and this year that proved to be the case once again. It is the shortest day of the show lasting from just 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
IMS2015 – Day 2: The Long Day
Jonathan Harris  
5/21/2015   2 comments
After having a pretty good first day of the show, I was looking forward to a good second day and it did not disappoint. The second day of the show on Wednesday is the longest day of the show as the exhibit hours go from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM (day one is 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and day three is 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM).
IMS2015 – Demo Setup and the First Day
Jonathan Harris  
5/21/2015   4 comments
The IMS2015 show is already off to a great start here in sunny Phoenix, Arizona and I hope that those of you attending are enjoying it so far.
IMS2015 – Pre-Show: The Preparation
Jonathan Harris  
5/18/2015   Post a comment
It sure doesn’t seem like it has already been a year since IMS2014! Well, technically, it hasn’t been since IMS2014 was in June last year. Once again this year IMS (International Microwave Symposium) is in a state known for its sunshine albeit this time sans the humidity. This year the show visits sunny Phoenix, Arizona.
Is the End in Sight for Analog FM Radio?
Analog Angle  
5/18/2015   13 comments
Digital audio broadcasting for commercial FM may replace conventional FM—should we worry or be pleased?
Effect of Channel Noise on RMS measurement accuracy: When Handwaving isn’t good enough
Kendall Castor-Perry  
5/18/2015   3 comments
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… I did a lot of work on the measurement of domestic electrical energy.
Technology Available for Train Safety Right Now Could Have Saved Lives
Steve Taranovich  
5/15/2015   9 comments
In light of the Amtrak incident that killed 8 people and injured over 200, I have to complain that the US authorities should have expedited a technological solution that will be mandated at the end of 2015 to greatly improve safety on the rails.
Electric Vehicle Connector Design: More Than Meets The Eye
Paul Pickering  
5/15/2015   Post a comment
Electric vehicles have been around a long time – over 100 years, in fact. Interest flared during the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo, which led to Congressional action in 1976 authorizing the Energy Department to support R&D into EV and hybrid vehicles.
Storage-Backed Inverters Doing the Same as the Smart Grid
Steve Taranovich  
5/12/2015   8 comments
One of the challenges with solar energy has always been storage. Installations produce a great deal of electricity to support a home or business, only to send the excess power back to the grid.
The STEM of all Evil, Part 2
Ken Coffman  
5/11/2015   7 comments
Let’s teach the students about the strengths and limitations of real components, then add mathematical formulas on top later and only in terms of what is known about real components and real designs.
Oscillator Amplitude Control, Part 2: Control Loop Dynamics
Dennis Feucht  
5/9/2015   1 comment
Oscillator amplitude control loop (ALC) design is complicated by the inherent nonlinearity of the loop
Slideshow of Tesla news clips from the 19th century
Steve Taranovich  
5/8/2015   Post a comment
Slideshow of amazing Nikola Tesla inventions
Using Deep N Wells in Analog Design
Keith Sabine  
5/7/2015   2 comments
On a conventional CMOS process, NMOS devices are formed in a P well or substrate connected to ground (or the most negative supply in the circuit). PMOS devices are formed in an N well connected to the most positive supply
Using Waste Heat from Distributed Computing to Heat Homes
Blaine Bateman  
5/6/2015   2 comments
Until about a decade ago, thermal energy was considered almost entirely as an analog, bulk phenomena.
Murphy Rules!
Steve Taranovich  
5/5/2015   1 comment
Why don’t my amplifiers and converters work correctly in the published circuit?
Safety in Electrical Engineering
Steve Taranovich  
5/4/2015   3 comments
We don’t talk enough about the Electrical Engineering and Electrician professions on Planet Analog
Oscillator Amplitude Control, Part 1: JFET Circuit
Dennis Feucht  
5/1/2015   1 comment
Sine-wave oscillators such as the Wien-bridge, state-variable, or quadrature oscillators, have an inherently undefined amplitude.

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